For most growing up in the DMV 10-15 years ago, junior hockey was a far stretch for a kid who learned to play on wheels with a ball in Southern MD. The junior game has changed tremendously in this area and opportunities are much larger now than ever before. For myself, or even most kids in the area, that path of junior hockey was never a thought. Fortunately, I ended up getting a great chance to “Live The Dream” and boy was that a whole different world to me. Every team and circumstance is different from where you go to play or your playing ability. There are more leagues and teams showing up since i stopped playing in 2013. blah blah could go on and on about the different leagues, level of play and player movement.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the culture the boys bring to the table. It’s not the coaches, the GM’s, or the parents. It’s truly just the boys. The team, the brotherhood, memories and beers. To me I have learned it doesn’t matter if you’re the next Mitch Marner or you’re playing juniors to become an elite adult hockey power house (pad those stats baby). Maybe you want to play a year or two before heading off to college or the work force. The junior hockey brand has become more than just a “Next Level” step. Its the memories and laughs, and the stories that will last longer than the wins and stats. The “Junior Hockey Lifestyle” will what you talk about over a Beer with the boys. Junior hockey is a whole different animal and its all about how you embrace the life style and how you come out. That is the difference in this experience, will it make an impact in your life? Or are you gonna waste a ton of mom and dads money (maybe you play for free if you’re sick) .

Boys, what i am trying to get at here is embrace the game, the memories, THE GOSH DARN LIFE STYLE BOYS! At the end of the day most us unfortunately wont get to play the game for a living. So, Play the game with passion, but don’t worry about not being on the power play or the first line. Maybe its getting moved down from upper to lower teams. Shit for some of us we had to worry about being scratched (grab some food watch the boys and scout the local ladies we’ll chirp on that later) Anyways You’ll end up talking about the good times in the locker rooms, Team dinners, friendships, and off-ice activities (you know what I mean). Just understand the opportunity you have. How lucky you are to even make it that far to even make the choice to play in that world of hockey. Now no getting all upset on me since I said most of us wont make it. The future is bright Beer leagues is another animal we will talk about at another date and time.

That’s all I got.. Shit that was tiring…most of you hockey players can’t read anyways

*peace sign* POWERS

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