Yes, every former Capital that I have liked for whatever reason, don a “Caps Legend” whether sarcastically or not, so if you were to talk to me and bring up a former player, i’ll probably call them a Caps legend. Unless I absolutely despise their soul, i.e. Jeff Schultz. Playing against Justin Williams this round, and potentially Barry Trotz next round, then potentially Marcus Johansson in the ECF’s, then potentially Grubauer, Nate Schmidt, or Filip Forsberg in the Stanley Cup Final, I decided to make a little list here of former Caps that, if you HAD to lose against one guy, who would it be? So take this into account. Stanley Cup Final, this former Cap scores the game 7 OT winner, who are ya least mad about winning it on us?


Our current foe and former pro-claimed locker room leader. The now captain of the Carolina Hurricanes, and boy is he givin’ it to us each and every shift this series. He’s a damn good player and brings that grit that we loved while he was here in DC. This guy did nothing but score big goals for the Caps, and was huge in the 2017 playoffs for us, which would turn out to be his last. The OT winner in game 5 vs the leafs, the 2 goals in game 1 of that same series, and the 3 goals in the Pens series the playoffs before that in 2015-16′.


Brooks Laich was an absolute DC LEGEND. Didn’t score a ton of goals, but a true and true locker room and team guy. Respected by all of his teammates, and you know that cause he can still be seen getting on Instagram live with Ovechkin every now and then. 12 seasons in DC, and was tweeting and cheering on the Caps every step of the way during the cup run last season.


Joel Ward, Wardo, the BIG CHEESE. Fan favorite, and was unreal on those lines with Knuble, Chimera, and our other 3rd line legends. See goal above, but also, don’t EVER forget about the last second goal against the rangers in the 3rd to give the good guys the win and avoid OT in game 1.


What else is there to say? Barry the GOAT Trotz. The guy who brought us to the promise land, the guy who we SHOULD HAVE PAID TO KEEP. I also get Barry is a coach and can’t technically score on us, but, it’s a big F YOU to us for not paying him.


“I want to win… it was frustrating to keep getting stumped in the second round.”

Well, suck it nerd


I was always personally a big fan of MOJO. He always played well for us, scored big goals, likable guy.


The Ice Cheetah, Chimmer, you name it we loved it. Always so quick and physical and a guy that was so crucial to our teams. over the years he was with us. Was really rooting for him to get one.

Here’s what i’m thinkin…

I say BURN EM ALL. I don’t want anyone to beat the Caps. We have have loved ya before, but if you’re going up against us, to hell with ya till the series is over, but for the sake of the blog here’s the guy I want scoring:

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