If anyone has heard from or seen Evgeny Kuzentsov, please return him to Capital One Arena IMMEDIATELY!! This guy has gone missing in these playoffs and if the caps want to advance they need him to show up tonight! This guy is our difference maker. When Kuzy is rolling on all cylinders, that’s when the Caps play at their best and the rest of the league should be scared. 32 points in the playoffs last year which led the playoffs in points. There’s a correlation between that and the Caps finally winning a Stanley Cup. The first line is the only line that seems to have any heart in this series and have dominated most of their time on the ice. But they need help, the 2nd line has only shown up to 1 game, the 3rd line has shown flashes of brilliance but not consistent enough, and hopefully the emergence of DSP gets the 4th line going tonight because we need it! Kuzy, CAN YOU PLEASE TUCK ONE TONIGHT?! Need the birdman to start getting some confidence.

Oh, and somebody remind the defense that Carolina has an aggressive forecheck and to make some goddamn passes instead of just dumping the puck as soon as they touch it. AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RUN THESE KIDS OUT OF THE RINK! This is the youngest team in the NHL playoffs playing against the heaviest team in the playoffs, we better put up 40 hits this game and truck everything that moves. I want to see the boys bully the shit out of these tiny pre-pubescent fucks. Shove them in a locker and keep them in there for the entire summer. There is no reason why the Capitals should lose to this team tonight. WAKE THE FUCK UP BOYS ITS GAME 7!

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