Calvert Cobras youth travel roller hockey team – all 3 podcast personalities played on this team

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia whats Chirpin?!?! Alright, we’ve dropped some pods, got some social media accounts rolling, but i want to try to breakdown this MADNESS for the people at home! What’s behind the name Chirpin’ DMV ? why did it start? what is it all about? Why should I tune in?

Reasoning Behind The Start

Southern Maryland isn’t known for Hockey, (or hockey podcast), but that’s “my niche” growing up in Calvert County being lucky enough to have been born in 1993. I was able to play at the now obsolete Roller Rink we once had. Many memories and stories about that place. It gave the game of hockey so much life in the Southern MD community. We’ll save the glory days stories for now. Just how I got my start into hockey and something that brought myself and the other Chirpin’ crew members to love the game.

It just goes to show how someones idea with the game of hockey being A large or small impression can an impact someones life tremendously. Growing up at my age range and older than myself (26). We didn’t have social media and things like Chirpin’ DMV. I would have loved something like this while growing up to hear stories from players that played in the same leagues as me or moved on from the DMV, coaches takes and thoughts, on top of that hear about Caps hockey? That’s something I would have loved being apart of as a young player high school or junior hockey player! Our goal is to bring you a different look at local hockey in the DMV. Also we will talk major coverage on the Washington Capitals hockey team, from hockey players / average fans perspective. We want to introduce you to new things in the hockey world and old stories from players that have lived the dream. Luckily with the new age technology we can give you a different look at hockey in the DMV. Our main goal was to bring something different to this area, a different perspective. Give feed back from former Players, Coaches, Parents, or whatever it maybe. Anything we think will be something the fans will like about Local Hockey. Doesn’t matter the league NHL to the MSHL we are going to bring the best content. We want to bring people together with the game of hockey.

Naming a Podcast / Platform

Okay Okay Okay, The name.. the meaning… we can’t pass over the name meaning??? Chirpin’?!? DMV?? Well you should know “DMV” (DC, MD, & VA). So let’s hit the word, “CHIRPIN”… its hockey talk, bad blood and something thrown around in almost every locker room used to bash the other team. Chirpin’ is usually meant more for insults to the other tendy, their weak ankled D-Man, or whoever decides to run their mouth the most on the oppo bench. It can also have other meanings, like joking around and Chirpin’ with the boys, Chirpin’, in this case, means lets get to talking, let’s talk DMV hockey, the best region of talent on this side of the fuckin’ Mississippi. There you have it, Chirpin’ DMV is the name that stuck. Love it or hate it, its some DMV boys talking Caps, Local Hockey, and giving you stories from ex-players/ coaches and any content that promotes your hometown team and get’s em out on a platform like this. Your team ballin’ out next season? Good, we’ll send warning to the rest of the league for ya.

Who should be a fan?

ANYONE, can listen to the podcast, read the blogs, or interact with us on twitter. We want to reach all fans Caps, Local hockey, Past DMV players, Parents, Dogs, Ducks you name it. Of course our biggest market is the Major Caps Fans and All kids, parents, and coaches involved in local hockey. Just want to reasure you we will be bringing a little bit of everything from our awesome area, meaning it’s for everyone. Hockey moms we want you to listen as well! We wouldn’t be here without you. Just getting into hockey? Never played before? This is also a good podcast for you as well. Producer @brandochirpindmv never played hockey and will mix in his takes. We will try to keep things simple or teach you so you can learn to play or help you learn about hockey / hockey things in the area.

What do you want Chirpin’ DMV to become?

What a question to ask myself… I believe it can go anywhere and grow with the support from the hockey community. Chirpin DMV is for the boys by thr boys. Meaning all of our content is with you in mind! At the end of the day that is what we all miss the most about the game is the brotherhood. So, LETS GET CHIRPIN’ DMV and see where this TEAM can take us!

Thank you for everyone giving us a chance. Give us some feedback @kpchirpin // Twitter: itspowersdoe // Email:

Powers out CapsIn5 Forever

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