All the talk about the NHL Playoffs this year is about how bad the refs have been. So obviously they should just quit and restart as we all have done before in NHL, FIFA, Call of Duty, etc. Some would argue that the Sharks have only made it this far because of some calls going their way (sorry Vegas).

It sucks to see what happened to American Hero Joe P. But that play happens on every single faceoff of every game in the history of this sport. Sharks go on to score 4 goals and win the game and series in OT.

A controversial call that decided the game in Colorado also helped their path. Technically the ruling was correct but that rule is just dumb as shit anyways and it didn’t affect the play at all.

And now game 3 against the Blues they get away with another win off of what was an EGREGIOUS missed called for a hand pass. There’s 4 fucking adults watching this play in a Western Conference Final in a CRUCIAL game 3. Not a single one of them sees that?! If none of the refs see that or see the play happening… WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY LOOKING AT????

It hasn’t just been the Sharks. The Bruins have gotten fucked out of 3 or 4 goals in these playoffs, the Oshie injury was a blatant 5 min boarding major which could have had a major affect on that game and obviously the series (although the Caps powerplay was fucking brutal in the playoffs so who knows). The Islanders got a couple goals called back that were 50/50 calls. And sure I know the refs aren’t perfect and human error is a part of the game. But if we have the technology to make the correct call, don’t half-ass it and use it for only offside reviews, use it for any type of controversy to end the controversy.

There needs to be some changes. Word of advice for the NHL.. Quit the game, adjust the settings, change the rules, and restart the Playoffs. A full on Rage-Quit. What the league can and can’t review is brutal and needs to be revamped, especially how it has affected the course for some of these teams. As much as I hate Rod the Bod, he had a great fix for the league… a ref in the sky, up in one of the boxes, take the calls upstairs and make the correct call.

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