Friend of the program, Boston U commit, Swedish superstar, Maryland Black Bear forward Wilmer SKOOOOOOOG has been named the NAHL Forward of the Month for September. Chirpin’ bump? Some are saying, but we can’t say for ourselves. Skoog led all NAHL players with 15 points in September, putting 7 behind tendys and picking 8 apples along the way. The Black Bears went .500 in the month at a 4-4 records. Skoog was a +8 and in 8 games, had 5 multi-point games like the silky Swede that he is.

On episode 17 of Chirpin DMV, we had Wilmer on the pod to talk about the upcoming Black Bears season. He said the Bears would make the playoffs, and the way he’s playing, it seem’s like he singly handily will make that happen if need be. Shout out to our boy SKOOG. Keep it goin’ baby. Check out Episode 17 below

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