The Caps played the 1st of a double header tonight on the island, taking on Caps Legend Barry Trotz and the Islanders. It was the debut of Ilya Samsonov, the “Caps goalie of the future” and it was a debut for Caps fans to be excited about, and, a bit skeptical of knowing that the end of the Holtby era could be upon us, but hopefully the hell not. Samsonov is just the 15th Russian goalie to defend a crease in the NHL. Samsonov was very active tonight, playing pucks, leaving the crease a fair bit, getting caught in some wild save situations. I don’t hate it, I love a good aggressive goalie, just something you don’t expect from a chicken tender in their NHL debut. Regardless, the Caps are kickin and off to a 2-0 start as they head home tomorrow for the home opener vs Carolina, so let’s get into it the recap shall we?

In the first period, the SNAKE himself stays hot, as Vrana snuck a quick wrister right over Caps Legend Varlamovs glove, breaking the tied, putting the good guys up 1 rip, and staying on pace for 82 goals. Okay, realistically, I see V being a 30 goal scorer this season.

Not more than a half a beer later, the Islanders tied it up at 1-1 after a pinball, bouncing shot on goal by Devon Toews, hitting Gudas last and ending Samsonovs NHL shutout streak. Congrats to Gudas on his first tuck of the season!

This next highlight isn’t a goal, but it’s Thirty Tucks Tom* inching closer to his first of the season. God damn I love Tom Wilson. Absolute savage, absolute man rocket, absolutely a 30 goal scorer, and I’ll keep saying it until it’s true

Caps were struggling to get calls their way all night, but finally get their first pepper in the 2nd, and holy jumpin was it TRASHHH. Another year of the sling shot just not working at all, but whatever, in Uncle Todd we trust.. kind of.. actually no until we get that PP back in the top 5. Second PP however came towards the end of the 2nd and TJJJJJJJJ OSHIE, from his knees, buries one and give the good guys the lead.

CAPS STATS: Samsonov picks up his first career win with 25 saves, and would have been a shutout if not for the bad bounce. Vrana gets his second of the season, and Oshie gets his first. Carlson (3), Gudas (1), and Backstrom (1) all tallied assists tonight.

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