PSA: This blog may get off the rails, include some typos, not make any sense, this that and the other. It’s a horns down and homecoming weekend for WVU football and i’m a bottle of Pink Whits and 6+ beers deep cheering on my Eer’s all day, but lets get into come Caps hockey, cause it’s the home opener baby, lets ride.


That’s right, the best part of the night, and the most important, is the fact that the Caps have gotten a TEAM DOGGO!!! YES!! BOOPS ALL AROUND!! Okay, settle down, it’s just a cute ass pupper. The Caps and Ovie introduced “Captain”, a 10-week old yellow lab tonight before the home opener, on the red carpet event. The Caps have partnered with America’s VetDogs – – to help Captain undergo basic traning, good boops, and people head scratches for the next month and a half or so while he’s pal’in around the rink and Caps front office. Captain will be a future service doggo, and when done with the Caps, will bark back to NY for his formal service dog training, then to eventually be matched, at no cost, with a veteran or first responder with disabilities. You can follow Captain at @CapsPup on Insta and Tweeter.

Home opener, rock the red carpet day, all the hoop-la, all the buzzin and slick suit swangin, the boys were lookin dapper and after what looked like a boring first period, the newcomer *GARRET* Hathaway get’s on the board unassisted late in the first to give the good guys their first lead on home ice for the year yeeeee HAW LETS RIDE RED.. don’t ya just love to see it? *ps, few more beers deep now that we’ve morphed the end of college football into the Caps game* PS PS; I really enjoy the Canes new road sweaters

Remember when Oshie scored last night? lol… he scored again tonight. This one took a review, however, as the puck went high and hard off the glass, bounced out front, Oshbabe puts it in the pads anddddddd.. wait for it… i’m typing as they review… ITS A GOAL!!! 2 rip Caps and holy jumpin is this team off to a hot start. The review was due to a high stick but pshhhh, the babe has such great hand eye cordy, it ain’t no thang. Rod the bod wanted to challenge, but being a BBB* (listen to the pod and you’ll know) that he is, he didn’t have the marbles to throw the red flag and take it to video, what a nerd.

Garret**** tucks his second! but… there was GTI from Leipsic.. so the goal was reviewed and called off. Was it a good call? The fans chanted ref you suck and booed, AS YOU SHOULD, but, good call in my opinion, as *Leip, Lepper, The guy that wear Laich’s old numer* (IDK, gotta figure out a nickname) deff made shoulder contact with the Carolina chicken tender. 20 seconds later, Holtby makes an incredible stop to conserve his goose egg. PS, right after this sequence was a John Carlson Ledos commercial and OMG does he look awesome in a Ledos jersey. Ledos is so damn delicious, especially on Sunday’s when you’re hungover as hell and half dying on the couch waiting for the Skins to get the wheels blown off of em. Get me some ZA and melt me onto that couch and lets have a day am I right? The Canes would eventually get on the board 2:36 into the 3rd as Haula would net a PPG from practically the crease on a beautiful feed from Teravainen. roughly 8 min later, a chip and snag to Slavin sends him on a mini breakaway and he would corral the puck and put it past Holtby at the 10 min mark to tie the game at 2-2. Here’s a pic of Captain to make us all feel better.. 14/10 would pet.. boops for the good boi.

Tickkkkk Tick tick tick tickkkkk. Yup, that’s the sound of the Caps going to OVERTIME, AGAIN, for the 2nd TIME in 3 GAMES! But who gives a damn, we have such a solid 3v3 lineup, one of the best in the league, that it doesn’t even worry me. In fact, feed me OT, because it’s an auto win for the good guys. Carlson-Backy-Thirty Tucks Tommy to start? love it. In fact, Nicky Slick Sticks drew a pepper about 10 seconds into OT. 0-5 on the pepper tonight with only 5 shots? Holy shit never mind, take us back to 3v3 please. Caps wouldn’t convert yet again and went to 0-6. Under a min to go in OT and Holtby would get caught standing still, as Gardiner would sneak one short side and beat the Caps 3-2.

CAPS STATS: GARRET* scores his first, Oshbabe gets his second in as many games. Assists by Leipsic (1) Vrana (1) and Gudas (2). Holtby stops 25 of 28.

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