Wednesday, October 9th, and the Caps are four games into their season and we’re here to break it down for ya. Well, we’re gonna break down the first three games that is, since we recorded Monday and our lovely producer couldn’t edit and upload until last night, so here we are!

We breakout a new segment *working title* called our Scoreboard Rundown, where we run through scores from Caps and local teams over top of various sports themed, NHL music from the various networks. It goes HORRIBLY wrong. You know how we could have avoided that? If producer Brando would show up.. idk, maybe once in a fuckin’ blue moon to help out? Don’t worry tho, it’ll be better next week, as well as overall quality of the podcast as we move back into the studio. We have a pretty sick setup at KP’s place, right on the beautiful Patuxent River, about 100 yards off the water. Only problem is, is that it’s an attic above a garage. It’s a huge spot, we’ve got it sound proofed and decked out in a ton of local jerseys, TV to watch Caps games, you name it. Only problem is… there’s no AC, so in the summer it would be a bout a million degrees up there and we’d be sweatin’ our bags off. So we’ve spent all summer recording off the handheld, which has good quality, but not studio level great. You can check our desk setup below… where Producer Brando is not allowed to sit.. he has to sit on the floor.

Moving on from my bitchin’ and moanin’ about producer Brando. Did I mention he never shows up? Just making sure I did. We bring back my favorite segment “Unleash the Fury” where we stroll through the Caps Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram after losses, or player news, or any of the nature that would cause a bit of an uproar from Caps fans, and we find the WILDEST, most outrageous, and hottest/dumbest takes you can find, and read them on the pod. For example, Holtby lets up 3 and the Caps lose a close 3-2 game… some might tweet: TRADE THAT IDIOT, HE’S PAST HIS PRIME!!! .. now that, that is the content we live for. Inject your stupidity into my veins, Caps fans.

We run through some local scores and breakdown last weekends college and junior games some. Here’s the deal, we haven’t been prepared as we would like to be for each episode. That’s changing this week. We want to give you guys the best damn content possible, and for that, we need to treat it more like a full time job. We’re fully out of summer mode and into hockey mode, and these episodes will be an hour plus long with in depth break downs and previews of the Caps, and the same for our local teams, especially when high school hockey gets going. We’ll each be picking a local team of the week, going over our official Chirpin’ DMV power rankings, and a lot more. Also, get ready for some great interviews throughout the season that have some incredible stories from local players, influencers, coaches, and anyone else who has an impact on the game of hockey.

EPISODE 22, available on Spotiy and iTunes now.

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