What it dooooooooooo DMV! Head over to Apple podcast or Spotify because Episode 23 is OUT NOW, and its a jam packed, hour + long eppy. We just got back from a long weekend in Vegas so we go into that a little bit to kick off the ep, but not too much becuase, ya know… We talk a little gambling and some Nats to kick it off then go right into our scoreboard run down which got WAYYYYY better since doing it last episode. We’ll do this every week right ater the intro and run through Caps games, both wins AND losses, then add in local junior/college/high school games from the biggest games of the past week and weekend. We break down the Chiprin’ DMV power rankings and recap the Junior games from the weekend.

Our interview today is with a great buddy of mine, Marquise Cotten. I grew up playing with Quise at Bowie and damn did we get in to it, especially that U18 championship year. We talk about his time at Gonzaga, where he played and now coaches, and his college hockey career at Rowan University. He talks about the struggles of growing up playing hockey as an African American, as well as the Fort DuPont rink, the meaning it has on the community, and the coming expansion and renovation. See below from this past seasons MAPHL A Championship game where my Ryken squad DUSTED his Gonzaga team after going 0-2 against them in the regular season.

We take a DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP dive into the current state of the Caps, with a big emphasis on Holtby and his struggles. We recap the Nashville, Dallas, and Colorado game in detail. We also have ‘Unleash the Fury’ back again with some very upset and delusional online Caps fans, and as always, it doesn’t disappoint. We’re actually watching the Leafs vs Caps game live during this episode so there is some random yelling, cursing, berating, cheering, all the emotions that go into watching a game.

We wind things down and bring the episode to an end with a heavy dose of BASEBALL because the Nats are off to the world series baby!! We break down the Cardinals series, debate who we’d rather play in the world series, and KP talks about sitting behind Tom Wilson and Guice at game 4.

Check below for a direct link to Apple and Spotify and go listen to episode 23 now!

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