You’ve been waiting for em, now we’ve got em. The FIRST ever Chripin DMV high school hockey power rankings. We know there’s a disparity of talent between leagues, but we grade these as accurately as possible… unlike, ya know… the CLOWNS AT THE WASHINGTON POST. We look at rosters, and where skaters play travel, and how deep each HS lineup is. We also look at schedule, so if you’re 345-0 but don’t play anyone good, ya ain’t gettin any love, sorry not sorry. We also take serious consideration into head to head match-up’s,especially the cross league games. So, with all that being said, here are there first Chirpin’ HS power rankings, and if you don’t like em? Here’s the number to our podcast voicemail 513-716-5821 , call us and complain all you want.. chirp us, chirp a team in front of you.. we don’t care, scores can be settled in the voicemail and we’ll play them on Thursday’s episodes to try and settle the score and explain ourselves.

Okay one last thing.. these records are as accurate as the info we can find online. If we can’t find scores or an accurate record for a team, it’s gonna be tough to obviously put it in the power rankings accurately.

#1 – St. John’s (MAPHL) 16-2-1

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 1

I mean… was there any doubt that the Cadets would be #1 in the rankings? If you disagree, pass what ever it is you’re on cause it’s gotta be strong. St Johns is coming into the new year with a Purple Puck Championship that saw them go 5-0 beating out-of-towners Loyola Academy (IL) 5-0, The Hun School (NJ) 8-2, and St Joe’s Prep (PA) 4-2 all while compiling wins against O’Connell in a shootout, and the Spalding Cavs. They boys are 7-0-1 in their last 8, sit at 4-0-0 in MAPHL league play, and have a LOADED lineup in the likes of USPHL draft picks Quinn Kennedy and Jesse Horacek, a stud in goal with Trevor Ziffer, and a solid blue liner and captain leading the way in Patrick Chapman.

Previous Results: TUE 1/7 vs. Mt. St. Joes: CANCELLED

Next Up: 1/17 – 1/20 Northwood Tournament

#2 – Georgetown Prep (MAPHL) 5-2-0

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 2

Only seven games played compared to the gauntlet of 19 that St John’s has gone through, but none the less, Prep has impressed, and two of those seven has come against that #1 Cadets team. The first, a 6-7 loss on the road, but just last week they turned around and got their revenge with a 4-3 win. Like most of the prep teams, the roster is deep as hell, but what gives them the edge IMO is the staff of Danver, Intern John, and Duante, a solid group of bench bosses with a ton of experience in every aspect of the game, and a ton of time behind a bench under their belts. That’s a staff that, in the heat of a game, can make the right calls and get their guys a win. They’ll take on DeMatha tonight and St Albans on Friday, two massive games in the MAPHL standings.

Previous Results: FRI 1/3 vs St John’s: 4-3 W

Next Up: WED 1/8 vs #6 DeMatha (9-6-2) , FRI 1/10 @ St. Alban’s (4-6-3)

#3 – Gonzaga (MAPHL) 7-2-3

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 3

The champs went 1-1-1 in their own tournament over the holiday break, beating Delaware Prep, losing to O’Connell, and skating to a tie against the runner-up’s in Loyola Academy. They throttled DeMatha earlier in the season, and beat the #2 Georgetown Prep squad 4-2, but a loss to Mt St Joes and a tie with Spalding is holding them back justttttt a bit, if you can even call being ranked third a hold back. They’ve got a heavy NINE game January ahead, including a tourney in Chi Town and four league games. They’ll take on Churchill tonight, a game they should roll in, then face a serious test Friday night against Landon.

Previous Results: Purple Puck: vs #4 O’Connell 4-5 L, vs Loyola (IL) 3-3 T, vs Delaware Prep 9-3 W

Next Up: WED 1/8 vs #9 Churchill (9-4-0), FRI 1/10 vs #5 Landon (4-0-0)

#4 – Bishop O’Connell (MAPHL) 10-6-1

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 4

Flip’s squad is good…. damn good. 14 AAA players, a ton of young talent including emerging young guns George Egournov and Kareem El-Bashir, not to mention their leaders who are doing just that in Gibbons and Vouras (who, by the way, scored FIVE in the Purple Puck loss to St Johns) They’ve handled the teams they’re supposed to beat, but if you ask that Knights squad, i’m sure they want that tie vs St Alban’s back. Flip’s doing a hell of a job toying with his lineup and getting them familiar in every situation possible.. first line, fourth line, new line mates every game it seems, and this will only help his boys be comfortable no matter what come playoff time.

Previous Results: TUES 1/7 @ Calvert Hall: CANCELLED

Next Up: FRI 1/17 @ Spalding (5-4-6)

#5 – Landon (MAPHL) 4-0-0

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 5

The Landon Bears are looking like they are here to stay in terms of top squads in the DMV… so let me go ahead and welcome you back after a, I don’t wanna say tough few years, but we can all agree they weren’t THE Landon of old. This years squad, riding off that huge playoff upset vs DeMatha last year say to hell with your narrative, we back boi. They’ve put up 33 goals in four games and have only allowed six. The question here is, how will this team handle a nine game January? Will they get overwhelmed since they haven’t played many games together yet? Guess we’ll find out, but all I know is that Coach Erickson is doing a damn good job.

Previous Results: MON 12/9 vs #8 Mt St Joes: 8-2 W

Next Up: WED 1/8 vs Spalding (5-4-6), FRI 1/10 @ #3 Gonzaga (7-2-3)

#6 – DeMatha (MAPHL) 9-6-2

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 6

A couple key injuries caused the Stags to get off to a bit of a sluggish start going 1-3 in their first four games. Their last four however? 3-0-1 including a league win over #4 O’Connell. DeMatha spent the good part of their season start at tournaments and vs travel teams, but till sit 1-1-1 in MAPHL standings as they look to make a serious playoff push here in January.

Previous Results: WED 12/18 vs Calvert Hall: 4-0 W, FRI 12/20 vs #4 O’Connell: 4-3 W

Next Up: WED 1/8 @ #2 Georgetown Prep (5-2-0), FRI 1/10 vs North Alleghany

#7 – Marriotts Ridge (MSHL) 8-0-1

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 7

The highest ranked non prep team goes to the #StangGang out of Marriott’s Ridge. They’ve rolled through their MSHL schedule with the only blip on the resume being a tie against a damn good Glenelg team in which they skated to a 2-2 tie. They’ll get a shot a revenge this week and winner of that game you can pencil in as the Howard Conference regular season champ. They’ve won five straight since that tie outscoring opponents 47-7, and oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt starting their season with a 5-3 win over #8 Mt. St. Joes.

Previous Results: FRI 1/3 vs Wolves: 10-2 W

Next Up: FRI 1/10 vs Glenelg (9-1-1)

#8 – Mt. St. Joe’s (MAPHL) 6-4-2

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 8

A season removed from a 2-6-2 MAPHL record and missed playoff spot for the 4th season in a row, they already sit well above that mark with a 3-2-2 league record, but their last three MAPHL games will be a huge test as they’ll take on St Johns, O’Connell and Calvert Hall. They got two huge early season wins over DeMatha and Gonzaga, but also got dumped by both Georgetown Prep and Landon by the score of 2-8 in both games.

Previous Result: MON 1/6 vs Spalding: 1-1 T

Next Up: TUE 1/7 @ St. John’s: CANCELLED

#9 – Winston Churchill (MSHL) 9-4-0

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 9

The champ champ champ champ champ champ champ champs, kings of the MSHL, check in at #9 in our initial rankings. They are dominating the MSHL as usual, and are looking for a 9th state championship, but the league is a little tighter this year and they could potentially meet their match in this years tournament. Their only four losses have come against MAPHL teams, but those four losses haven’t been great with a -23 goal differential. They’ve got a toughhhh week vs Gonzaga, but more importantly a Friday night conference match-up vs a surging Wootton squad.

Previous Results: MON 1/6 vs Richard Montgomery: 7-1 W

Next Up: WED 1/8 vs #3 Gonzaga (7-2-3), FRI 1/10 vs Wootton (7-2-0)

#10 – TC Williams (CSHL) 6-0-0

Previous Rank: –

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 10

TC Williams is the only CSHL team to check in to the HS Power Rankings, and for good measure as they sit undefeated, the only team to do so in that league. They haven’t let in more than two goals in a game, and that only happened twice. Their lowest scoring game of the season? FIVE, and they’ve hit double digits twice. Their big one isn’t until Jan 24th when they’ll go toe-to-toe with Washington-Liberty. Here’s the thing, though… I want to see more CSHL teams play teams in the three other leagues to get more street cred, ya dig?

Previous Results: FRI 12/20 @ South County: ???

Next Up: FRI 1/10 @ Woodbridge (2-3-1)

On the Bubble

Broad Run (NVSHL) 6-0-0

Washington-Liberty (CSHL) 6-1-0

Glenelg (MSHL) 9-1-1

St. Alban’s (MAPHL) 4-7-3

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