NO CHANGES IN THIS WEEKS POWER RANKINGS! That’s right, you heard what I said. No changes this week in the power rankings, and there doesn’t need to be any. The CSHL was completely off for the week, a handful of teams went to tournaments, and there weren’t any significant games or results that could cause a shift in the power rankings, so let’s just recap who’s where and why.

#1 – St. John’s (MAPHL) 16-2-1

Previous Rank: 1

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 1

St. John’s traveled to Lake Placid this weekend to compete in the Northwood tournament, but it wasn’t really St. John’s as they traveled up with a mix team that included some Good Counsel players and a few others. We’ll have to wait till this weeks rematch with O’Connell to see the full Cadet’s squad back in action.

Previous Results: Mixed tournament at the Northwood Invitational

Next Up: 1/22 @ #5 Bishop O’Connell (10-6-2)

#2 – Georgetown Prep (MAPHL) 8-2-0

Previous Rank: 2

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 2

A big bounce back win over Gonzaga last week keeps the Georgetown Prep squad at #2. They dropped a game to the Eagles earlier in the year, but picked up a win in the important one for league standings last week. They’ve got a hell of a game in front of them Friday for a rivarly game vs Landon.

Previous Results: WED vs #4 Gonzaga 3-2 W

Next Up: 1/24 vs #3 Landon (8-0-0)

#3 – Landon (MAPHL) 8-0-0

Previous Rank: 3

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 3

Another undefeated week for the Landon Bears, but nothing overly impressive… outside of the fact that Will Lawrence has THREE STRAIGHT HAT-TRICKS. They beat Bullis, which yes they should have, and they also beat A division Ryken, so no stand out wins. HOWEVER, vs #6 and #2 this week, both games for league standings… this is the week that we really get to see what this Landon team is made of.

Previous Results: TUES vs Bullis 13-2 W, WED vs St. Mary’s Ryken 9-0 W

Next Up: 1/22 vs #6 DeMatha (9-7-3), 1/24 @ #2 Georgetown Prep (8-2-0)

#4 – Gonzaga (MAPHL) 9-6-4

Previous Rank: 4

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 3

The Eagles are coming home from a weekend in Chicago against the best of the best in Illinois and didn’t play that bad of a tournament despite the circumstances. It’s time for the Eagles playoff push as they prepare for a run at a 4th consecutive MAPHL AA title, but two tough games stand in the way this week.

Previous Results: 1/15 @ #2 Georgetown Prep 2-3 L, TOURN: vs Benet 6-4 W, vs St Viator 1-2 L, vs St Ignatius 2-4 L, vs Marquette 2-2 T

Next Up: 1/22 vs Spalding (5-8-8), 1/24 @ #6 DeMatha (9-7-3)

#5 – Bishop O’Connell (10-6-2)

Previous Rank: 5

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 4

O’Connell went into Friday nights game with aspirations of two points, but realized that would be tough to come by without their three leading scorers in Vouras, Gibbons, and Thompson. They still managed to out shoot Spalding 42-18 but Berke would stand tall and earn Spalding the tie. I think if you asked, Flip and the boys are happy with 1 point on the road short handed.

Previous Results: FRI @ Spalding 2-2 T

Next Up: 1/22 vs #1 St. John’s (16-2-1), 1/24 vs Delaware Prep (5-10-0)

#6 – DeMatha (MAPHL) 9-7-3

Previous Rank: 6

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 6

Bye week for the Stags last week due to a cancelled game vs Calvert Hall, but that may just play into their favor as they have a… dare I say, season defining week ahead of them? It’s vs two top 5 teams.. league points on the line, and a week that could see the Stags go 2-0 with serious momentum as a top threat in the league, or 0-2 and shunned as a non-contender. Se how crazy this week could be for them? Season defining.

Previous Results: BYE

Next Up: 1/22 @ #3 Landon (8-0-0), 1/24 vs #4 Gonzaga (9-6-4)

#7 – Marriott’s Ridge (MSHL) 9-0-1

Previous Rank: 7

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 7

The #StangGang is coming off a bye and has 2 of their final 3 games this week as they look to lock up the Howard Conference regular season championship. We got some inside info in our Twitter DM’s from an anonymous source saying Ridge has the best goalie in the state. Can Ross lead them to a state championship?

Previous Results: BYE

Next Up: 1/22 @ Howard (1-6-0), 1/24 @ Atholton (5-2-0)

#8 – Mt. St. Joe’s (MAPHL) 7-4-4

Previous Rank: 8

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 8

Mt St Joe’s took on Yorktown from the NVSHL this past week and squeaked out a 2-0 win against a sturdy Yorktown squad. No MAPHL games for the Gaels this week, but they’ll be taking on St Paul’s in a meaningful MIAA match-up.

Previous Results: MON vs Yorktown 2-0 W

Next Up: 1/24 vs St. Paul’s (5-1-0)

#9 – Winston Churchill (MSHL) 9-5-2

Previous Rank: 9

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 9

I’m not gonna lie, I want to move down this Churchill squad for a second consecutive tie, especially seeing Wootton losing to a not so great Richard Montgomery squad last week, but I just don’t see any team behind them (yet) that looks like a better lineup.

Previous Results: TUES @ Walter Johnson 3-3 T

Next Up: 1/21 vs Bethesda/Chevy-Chase (7-4-0)

#10 – TC Williams (CSHL) 7-0-0

Previous Rank: 10

Rank Change: ↔

Highest Rank: 10

A top two showdown in the CSHL North division this week as the Titans are taking on the 7-1 Generals. Game of the week by far in the CSHL, winner taking the North division regular season championship (more than likely). Winner of this looks to be in the power rankings and make a run at a CSHL title.

Previous Results: BYE

Next Up: 1/24 @ Washington-Liberty (7-1-0)


Washington-Liberty (CSHL) 7-1-0

Chantilly (NVSHL) 8-0-0

Glenelg (MSHL) 9-2-1

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