Our #ALLCAPS episode is out now and it’s a loaded two hour long episode to help get you through all-star break.. a whole damn WEEK with no Caps hockey. We know there are a lot of you over dramatic fans out there, @brunblogs included, so we brought in a special guest to help calm the nerves as we break down the Caps and everything from power play to the trade deadline in a 50 min interview with…

Tarik El-Bashir

That’s right, one of the best beat writers in the game joins us at MedStar Capitals Iceplex after the Caps practice last week before they traveled to take on the Islanders. We kick the episode off talking about his come up in sports media, because it’s something I feel like a lot of high school aged athletes have a huge interest in, so I love getting the background on people in the sports media/PR field since I did the same thing (long story of everything I did, used to work for the UFC and personally with McGregor and Ronda Rousey… notttttt a big deal) so it was awesome hearing how he came up, and like every one needs to realize with this career, you gotta take your shot (like Tarik did with Mike Wilbon) and grind it the fuck out at first (like Tarik did adding random golf scores from local clubs to the paper)

We then talk about how he got into the game of hockey and playing, and now his son playing at O’Connell. Then we REALLY get in to it with the Caps., and Tarik is here to calm everyone down about the issues this team is having. We deep dive into the goal-tending situation, power play struggles, Backstrom contract signing, if the Caps will make any moves at the deadline, and much more, so go listen. He’s got some of the most “fun-to-read” articles when it comes to the Caps. He won’t bore you with nothing but stats, but brings a fun, interesting side to his story telling and brings out the side of the players you would have never thought of.

Segments in the episode include GOAT Facts, Unleash the Fury, and AB’s who’s hot, who’s not and some other NHL news and notes. Per usual, we have our “Caps of the Week” so here’s who the boys chose:

AB – HAGSSSSS: obviously a great week for Hags as he gets goals in two straight games to get him to three on the season, and that 3rd line has been buzzzinnnnnn.

COACH – SAMMY BIG SAVES: need I say more? first career shutout, and a ton of other awesome shit that we break down on the pod. Hashtag that’s my starter.

KP – OVI: I mean seriously, need we say more? It’s Ovi

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