Before we get in to any song breakdowns and what not, let’s set the stage here with a list of all the songs chosen by the players in the tweet below…

Now let’s set some ground rules here. First of all, if you disagree, I don’t give a shit. These are obviously based on my personal musical taste, and also what a song makes me think of. For example, every time I hear all-star by Smash Mouth, I think of Shrek. Baby Shark? The World Series Champion NATS. You get my drift, so that logic will be applied. I’ll also take into consideration if a song title matches a plyers nickname or anything of the sort. Like everything we do here at Chirpin’ DMV, there is no bias involved. I mean, why be biased?! This is the world of professional journalism!! Wouldn’t it just be so wrong of me to pick Country Roads JUST because I went to WVU and absolutely love my alumni and that song? Pshttt, that would be crazy, so let’s get into the rankings.

#1 – TJ Oshie: Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

LMAOOOOO of COURSE i’m rolling with that John Denver HITTER. I mean hell, it’s WVU, it’s Cheers Beers Mountaineers till the day I die, I bleed the old gold n’ blue and live and die by Mountaineer sports. I cannot confirm nor deny I have “take me home, country roads” tatted on me somewhere. Listen, out side of all that, IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOIN, everybody knows, well, okay not all the lyrics, but they know the main chorus, and it’s just a legendary song. So TJ, we thank you for your goal song selection, and remember folks, HORNS DOWN & EAT SHIT PITT.

#2 – Brendan Leipsic: Levels by Avicii

Levels by Avicii (RIP in peace) is a certified BANGER. Pregames, clubs, goal songs in the NHL, no matter what the occasion, Levels, to be quite honest, just takes you to a whole new level. It’s a song for raging, partying, celebrating, and gets the blood flowin’ and get you ready to fuckin rock.

#3 – John Carlson: Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry

This on is falling into my top three for a few reasons. First, Chuck Berry was a groovy son of a bitch. I mean, that dude was an electric factory when he would shred the guitar and just break it down with the feet movement and leg splits. Second, how JUMPIN does Cap One get when Carlson scores and it’s just rockin with GOOOO JOHNNY GO, because yes, John Carlson is our hero on the blue line, and he’s always “b(eing) good” hence the nickname #JohnnyNorris

#4 – Radko Gudas: It’s a Long Way to the Top by AC/DC

RIDINNNNN DOWN THE HIGHWAY.. AC/DC is so damn legendary. I’m a huge classic rock guy, and god damn if Gudas just doesn’t wanna rock and roll. My old coach in bantams used to literally only let us warm up to Thunderstruck (which also makes for a GREAT drinking game) by AC/DC, and even at like 14 I was ready to skate through the glass. Best part about this song tho? Bagpipes. Any song with bagpipes automatically skyrockets in terms of hype level.

#5 – Carl Hagelin: Red Lights by Tiesto

I mentioned it earlier in the Avicii section, a goal song needs to get you in a party mood. Caps just scored, Hags is on the board, the red light is runnin’ and the people in the stands wanna PARTY. You’re already out of your seat cheering, so why not fist pump a bit and shotgun your beer? Caps are winning after all so let it rip!

#6 – Travis Boyd: Let’s Go Crazy by Prince

First off, if you don’t like Prince you’re an asshole (or just too young) Let’s Go Crazy is a fun song, dancin’ song, a good mood song and it just fits as a goal song. The Highest Priest of Pop is checkin in at #6, courtesy of a lil #4thLineGrind

#7 – Tom Wilson: Whip It by Devo

Willy, Whip, Top Line Tom, whatever you wanna call him, this goal song fits the nickname. WHIP IT.. WHIP IT GOOD. I mean, it’s your classic 80’s jam, it’s got some funk and pop to it, and it obviously worked great in Stranger Things, it also used to come on like, every damn day in the California Tortilla that used to by next to the Waldorf rink we would always eat at after practice. So, Thirty Goal Tom.. this works for a goal song, bravo.

#8 – Lars Eller: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

I don’t necessarily love this as a goal song, but I do love the song itself, and it fits so perfectly with the Tiger himself. I see this song as more of a pump up, pregame song, but since it’s such a good jam and fits so perfectly with Eller, it’s getting some love.

#9 Nic Dowd: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon

This song makes no sense to choose for Dowd, which makes it that much better because he was obviously a fan of the song.. which means Dowd, like all normal humans, loved the Goonies, which makes this a million times better. Not to mention the fact the beat and sounds are awesome in this and get the people going, which is the point of goals songs.. to keep the party going. I can be your long lost pal, Dowder.

#10 – Garnet Hathaway: What Is Love by Haddaway

Haddaway.. Hathaway… I see what you did there, Garrett. This song is legendary… for one reason and one reason only, and you can see it below as I added THAT.. yes that video in instead of the actual music video. Me? Him? Him? Me? I’m sitting here bobbing my head the way they did in the movie. LEGENDARY.

#11 – Nick Backstrom: Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

Decent choice. I don’t hate Whitesnake. Literally the only reason it’s this high is because I think the Geico Commercial with the song is pretty funny. And it.. I guess Kinda fits? Here goes Backy again!

#12 – Evgeny Kuznetsov: Get Low by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

The birdman out here trying to get Capital One Arena KRUNKKKK. But holy hell this song. AWWW SKEET SKEET SKEET SKEET just throws this one off the rails for me. This song (the clean version) is.. or was I should say, so prototypical for middle school dances that it makes me cringe. This song pops on back in the early 2000’s while i’m out here trying to kiss some chicks and it kills the vibe. Back to goal songs, it kills the vibe there too I think. At least choose Turn Down for WHAT if you’re gonna choose Lil Jon.

#13 – Nick Jensen: Nick of Time by AC/DC

First of all, don’t come at me for having this one this low after hyping the fuck out of AC/DC earlier with Dadko’s pick. First of all, it’s a simple pick because it’s got Jennys actual name in the song. Second, there’s like… 20 better AC/DC songs than this one. I rest my case.

#14 – Michal Kempny: Mic Check by Rage Against the Machine

You know when you’re with that one friend who has really bad music taste, then they grab the aux in the car? They start playing a song and you’re all like “okay, not bad” and then all the sudden its a random screamo song or something like that? And you make that “what the FUCK” type face? This song does that in a way like wooo Caps goal! Then the song start splaying and you’re like.. uhh, what the fuck? Kemps.. if you’re choosing a RAGE song, at least go with Guerrilla Radio or something.

#15 – Jakub Vrana: Slither by Velvet Revolver

I mean, I tough on it later on in the blog, but it’s much the same as Jonas’ song. We know Vrana’s nickname is the “snake” so he obviously just looked for a snake related song. You know what’s snake related? Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake. The kid is 23, you know damn well he listens to #BangerzOnly on his personal playlist, and as much as he’s starting to score, we’re gonna need to change it up there, V.

#16 – Alex Ovechkin: Shake, Rattle and Roll by Big Joe Turner

I get it, there’s this whole big story behind why Ovi is rollin’ with this tune, but it just doesn’t do it for me. When I heard it, I don’t think of the greatest goal scorer of all time. And for a guy that scores a million goals, we’re stuck hearing it about 5 times a game.

#17 – Dmitry Orlov – Oh Yeah by Yello

This song is just straight up weird as fuck. All it makes me think of are those like slow-mo fat guy videos just going oooooooo yeaaa.

#18 – Jonas Siegenthaler: My Name is Jonas by Weezer

I mean… I see what he’s doing here. Jonas.. Jonas, it makes sense. He probably just went on google and typed in “songs with jonas” and boom he got Weezer. They’ve made like one good song, so if it isn’t Say it Ain’t So, then it’s a big NO for me fam.

#19 – Richard Panik: Hey Look Ma, I Made It by Panic! At The Disco

This automatically gets last place because Panic! At The Disco SUCKS, therefore it’s the worst goal song. Lucky nobody has an Imagine Dragons song or we’d have a tie for last place. I’m not even gonna put the song in here its THAT BAD and I wouldn’t put you through that type of torture.

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