Our post All-Star break episode is out now and we start off by remembering the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant, who was tragically killed along with his daughter Gigi and 7 others on Sunday. We talk about how it effected the sports world and how polarizing of a human he was. Now, do us a favor, roll up some paper and launch it at the trashcan like the pic below.

Brian Pothier

Our interview this week is with former Caps defenseman Brian Pothier who talks abou this career going drafted, then signing with the Atlanta Thrashers, then going on to play with the Ottawa Senators which guys such as… you know, no big deal.. CHARA, HOSSA, ALFREDSSON, BONVIE… okay you get the point. And then, obviously, his time here with the Caps during the young gun era and takes us through what that locker room was like with the “youngins” of Ovie, Backstrom, and Green.

He also talks about concussions and how they affected his career, as well as how far the league has come in detecting them. He also talks Pothier Blue Line Academy, and coaching the USA Women’s Hockey team competing in the rivarly series.

Caps were off for a bit so no scoreboard rundown or Unleash the Fury, but, we do have a special Kobe edition GOAT facts. ENJOYYYY

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