MSHL playoffs are underway this week at the top 16 teams in the state of Maryland battle it out for the coveted state championship. For this blog, unlike the MAPHL one, we’ll be making some picks (that will probably be completely wrong cause its HS hockey and who knows WTF will happen) So, lets take a shot at a bracket challenge, shall we?

Bracket 1

#1 Glenelg (8-1-1) vs #16 Wootton (7-5-2)

This is a tough match-up for Glenelg for game one as Wootton was right there in the mix for the Montgomery conference title there for a bit as they pushed Churchill to a tie, but the Howard Conference and Serio Cup champs Glenelg led by Tommy Tracy will walk away with this one.


#8 Bethesda/Chevy Chase (9-4-0) vs #9 Easton (10-2-0?)

I put the question mark there because I THINK they went 10-2, but the MSHL website won’t let us see the Eastern conference regular season standings. They had a solid year, but it’s a BCC team that played extremely well in a tough Montgomery conference, for for that, I give em the edge.


#5 Urbana (9-2-1) vs #12 Fallston (10-2-0?)

Urbana lost in the Monocacy Valley conference championship in a tough game vs Washington County last week but had a solid season and are primed for what I think could be a deep run. Fallston is a solid 12 seed as they had a dominate season in the Eastern conference, but dropped their first game of the conference playoffs.


#4 Northern (6-2-2) vs #13 Walter Johnson (7-4-3)

I think this might just be the same story as it seems to be every year with Southern conference teams. Get a good seed, but get crushed by a “lower seed” which is usually a very good Montgomery or Howard team. Outside of Huntingtown and Northern, the Southern conference is not very good… like at all. And the problem is, these Southern Conference “powerhouses” won’t step out of their comfort zones and play good non-league opponents.


Bracket 2

#3 Winston Churchill (10-1-2) vs #14 Atholton (7-3-0)

By no means is this an easy first game for the 100 time defending champs, but then again, it’s Churchill we’re talking about. Are they seemingly as dominant as years past? It doesn’t seem so, but they’ve rolled for the majority of the season, are battle tested with a tough prep league non-league schedule, and have been there and done that time and time again.


#6 Severna Park (9-3-0?) vs #11 Frederick County (7-4-1)

Again, we’re unable to see the Eastern conference regular season records on the MSHL site for some reason, but Severna Park just rolled through the conference tournament to win the title. They’ll use that mojo to roll to a round one victory, but i’m thinking that’s as far as they make it this year.


#7 Marriotts Ridge (9-0-1) vs #10 Huntingtown (9-1-0)

Marriotts Ridge is coming in as a 7 seed.. yea idk how, this is one of the best teams in the state. They’ll absolutely throttle the Canes and look to face off against Churchill in the state semis


#2 Washington County (9-2-1) vs #15 South River (9-3-0?)

Washington County is coming off another Monocacy Valley conference championship and have had a hell of a season. South River is a solid opponent, and may keep it close at first, but Washington County will pull this one out.


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