SOOOOO I’ve had this blog sittin’ in the drafts for a bit. I started putting it together when the Caps list came out of all their goal songs a few months back Then, the Caps updated the list with #DillyDilly and KovyTucks goal songs, plus theres like literally nothing to talk about now with the NHL shut down from drinking too many coronas. BUT, here’s what the Chirpin’ squads goal songs would be….

Producer Brando

Burning Man – Dierks Bentley … great damn choice by Producer Brando here. Dierks Bentley is the man, and has nothing but bangers. Burning man is a rockin song too. We’ve seen him live a few times, and there’s nothing better than chuggin beers on the lawn at Jiffy Lube for a Dierks Bentley concert. BOOM, grade A pick here, and this tune really gets the people goin’.

Runaway (U & I) – Galantis…Producer Brandon coming in HOTTTT with another banger. This is what goal songs are meant to be. Notice how he didn’t settle for some lame song just because it had “brandon” in the title. Can never go wrong with dance/EDM music.. I mean, you cue the beat drop up with the goal and boom, you’re blowing the roof off the barn.

AB aka BrunBlogs

Right Above It – Lil Wayne ft. Drake… yea, cause we ONNNNNN. Legendary pick here by AB, the theme song to the HBO show Ballin’ (which makes no damn sense any more, just the Rock causally taking down the NCAA and NFL) but this one’s a certified banger, great choice.

Forever (Pt. II) – Snakehips ft. Kaleem Taylor… I mean… this is just a funky, feel good song ya know? Give it a quick listen and I guarantee you start bobbin’ your head at your desk.. and if you don’t, you got issues. AB tryna groovy after a huge goal.

Stat Guy Blake

Fat Lip – Sum 41… Stat guy Blake bringing the 2000’s rock heat with his first choice. It’s Sum 41, so it’s a rockin’ song to begin with.. I mean.. as soon as theres a goal it’s just blaring “I DON’T WANNA WASTE MY TIME”. Great choice here.

The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring… Alright, now we know Stat Guy Blake is a big rock guy, and he’s coming with the heat again with this banger by The Offspring. It’s a wild video too, really weird in a very awesome way, a song that’ll deff get the fans up and going and tappin, their feet along.


Playin’ with the Boys – Kenny Loggins… If you don’t know the legendary Kenny Loggins, you don’t know Top Gun, which means you’re dead to me. An olddddd school HITTER that would make the perfect goal song. If you haven’t heard it before, wait till that chorus hits….cause we out here with the BOYSSS. Side note, the throwback chicks in this video? absolute rockets

Welcome to the Party – Diplo, French Montant & Lil Pump… Going a little more new school on this other choice, as we’re rollin’ with “Welcome to the Party” cause you know damn well if I score, it’s gonna be a party. You better be up and out of your seat, jumpin’ around, and most importantly, chuggin’ beers… welcome to the party


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