Have no fear, the blog is still here! It’s been a wild 2020 to say the least, and we’ve been a bit quite here on the the blog, but if you don’t already do so, you should go check out the podcast here cause we’ve been posting some FIRE interviews to help you get your hockey fix. Also, obviously with the return to play and NHL playoffs coming back in July, you can expect a ton of blogs once the Caps get back going again… I for one am ready for @allencaps1995 stat packed blogs on how Caps will not be fuckin’ suck when hockey comes back. Any way… here’s a quick fun one of all my personal favorite Caps goals. As always, feel free to debate me, but I am always right and you aren’t.

Honorable Mention: All of Fehrs Outdoor Goals

I mean, the GREATEST outdoor goal scorer in NHL history? Eric Fehr was THAT DUDE when we played in outdoor games. Two vs Pittsburgh, one vs the Hawks, and he damn well would have had a hat-trick if he was on the team for that Stadium Series in Annapolis. Eric Fehr… you are the GOAT (of outdoor games)

#10 – Ovi Playoff Hattrick Goal vs the Pens

Arguably the best playoff game between the Pens and Caps in the Ovi vs Sid era. Dueling hattricks, and the Caps won the fuckin’ game.. suck it Pens…. even tho they like, won the series, and all the series after that…untill you know, 2018.

#9 – Brower Winter Classic Winner

Brower power checks in at #9 with the winner at the first Winter Classic in Washington, DC and boy let me tell you… I was BUCKLED off hot coco’s and whisky sitting right by the left field foul pole for this one. Long day of tailgating and having a day with a ton of people, incredible experience. Ovi gets hacked, Caps about to head to OT with a 5 v 3 but NOPE…Brower Ranger to the rescue.

#8 – Ovi’s First Playoff Goal

The steal, the stick lift, the patience, the game winner. Welcome to the playoffs Big O, and good fuckin’ night Philly.

#7 – Eller Cup Winner

I mean…. what do want me to say here? You think the game winner to win our FIRST EVER STANLEY CUP WASN’T GONNA MAKE THE LIST? Eller.. you’re a Caps legend forever.

#6 – Ovi Spin, Dump, & Tuck vs Montreal

This goal was so awesome lol. The backhand off the boards, spin-o-rama putting Hamerlik in a BLENDER, gettin taken down and bangin’ it home. Absolute legend.

#5 – Ovi Dances the Entire Rangers Franchise

OvI DoEsN’t ShOw Up In ThE pLaYoFfS….. Shut the hell up. This is a top 5 goal for me because holy jumpin’ the entire Rangers franchise was literally put in a blender here. And honestly, the most impressive part was the skate to stick right before the backhand finish. SHEESH.

#4 – Wardo Game 7 OT Winner in Boston

Suck it Tim Thomas and suck it Boston… the Caps are movin’ on.

#3 – Green Blows the Roof off of Verizon Center

The second loudest i’ve ever heard MCI/Verizon/Capital One Arena in my life. Absolutely BANANAS in there as Green puts the boys up 2-0 in the series (i’m pretty sure we blew that 2-0 lead and lost this series tho…)

#2 – Federov Game 7 Winner

And now the loudest i’ve ever heard MCI/Verizon/Capital One Arena. Unreal. We bring in this old goat in Federov and the bastard wins us the series. Love him, Caps legend forever.

#1 – Kuzy Beats the Pens

Remember where you were when the Caps FINALLY beat the god damn Pens? I do…vividly… in a fuckin’ private villa in Hawaii.. and holy shit we went BANANAS.. beat the Pens, jump in the pool, chugged some beers, and Kirb and I got absolutely throttled all night celebrating the win.

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