What it do you beautiful DMV hockey people. A little PSA here for all you who may not know (even though you probably read the headline and aren’t a dummy brain) but we launched a YouTube! The Chirpin’ brand is growing, and it’s literally all thanks to you the listeners, fans, followers, friends, etc. As our downloads, listens, views, and followers continue to grow, we know we need to keep cranking out awesome content for you all. We’re a year and a half into this thing, and have a shit ton of ideas in the future (more swag, awesome interviews… and maybe some live-streamed high school games in the future?!) We’ll be posting a ton on here, especially as the world starts to open back up. We’ve been doing our interviews on Zoom so we can get video, and when we release a podcast episode every Monday, we’ll also launch the exclusive interview on YouTube so you can go and watch, because IDK, it’s fun to go watch us interact and at like fool with our guest. Just a quick short blog here for you all on the BEAUTIFUL Sunday here in the DMV (as I sit on my deck in Arlington, tossing back some rona’s, and preparing to bring you all a JUMPIN’ episode tomorrow) On top of the interviews, we’re planning some fun content for sure, including some previously uploaded stuff like all our Insta videos from road trips this past season seeing the Caps on the road. Check below for a few of the videos we’ve posted and PLEASE… LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, WATCH, and support the Chirpin’ Boys! We love you all, enjoy!

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