“OMG Coach! you’ve been posting so many blogs lately, thanks for the content” You’re damn right, cause i’m back on my bullshit and like I said in yesterdays YouTube blog, we’re here to bring you content content content. With hockey starting back up, what better time to start getting all of us fans excited about it then to overload you with a ton of Chirpin’ nonsense. Episode 62 is OUT now and we’ve got A LOT to cover. I’ll keep trying to post these blogs for every episode, as kind of a spark notes version of the entire show. I’ll post the link to the pod, YouTube, and post some of the best clips and what not from the segments and bullet point some of the stuff we cover, so let’s dive in.

The Caps are *Almost* Back

As I sat on my porch last Thursday, enjoying a beautiful Arlington day (no, don’t be weird and try to come find me, but on the other hand, let me know if you wanna meet up at Don Tito’s for a beer or 7) I thought to myself “how could this day get ANY better?!” … and then the Caps dropped this on Insta and holy JUMPIN’ I popped outta my seat and immediately debated taking the 10 min walk down to see the boys finally on the ice.. what a site to see.

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What rust?

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I mean come on, we haven’t seen the boys on the ice in MONTHS, and if this post doesn’t get you aroused, then idk what the hell is wrong with you (or me for that matter). Those weren’t the only guys on the ice, however, as Big O, our Captain and GOAT got his jets going down in Florida with a handful of other NHL’ers. Check it out here.

We also talk about Todd Reirden’s press conference quotes from yesterday afternoon, Leipsic getting signed to the KHL, and the Caps racking up the NHL Fan Choice Awards trophies.

Interview – Chucky Slick, Part 1

I’ll start with this… if you don’t know who this guys is, you’ve been living under a rock (or just like, didn’t play hockey) Chucky is a legend among players and burst onto the scene years ago with his wild YouTube raps, hilarious social media, and crazy stores. Get to know him with some of these clips and social channels, and go give this absolute beauty a follow.

Back to the pod… so we had about a two hour conversation with Chucky and holy nuts was it wild, as to why we broke it up into two parts. Part one today covers his first time playing, moving to Virginia from California and playing high school puck in Northern VA, playing for the Xtreme and Mad Dawgs, and then back to San Diego to really start launching not only his hockey career, but personal brand. We chat about how it all popped off for him, playing on teams with other guys knowing who he was, and end with with how he met our buddy Gordo (who us Chirpin’ guys played with growing up and a great friend of ours). Here’s a quick clip below from the ep, but holy fuck let me tell you..s the stories get off the rails in the best and most hilarious ways possible, so tune in. Usually we’d add and mention the YouTube interview in here, but we aren’t releasing it till this Friday at 7PM, so be on the look out for the full two hours there.

Best Beers with the Bobcat

Lastly, we had our buddy Bobby Solari on. A guy we played with our whole youth career and a guy who went on to play some juniors, and coached and scouted juniors afterwards. We’ll have him on soon to tell his story cause he’s a damn good dude. Anyway, we did a lil snake draft of “best beers” and heres what the boys picked. Who’s got the best list of best beers?

Head over to our podcast page here to listen to the latest episode, and get ready for Friday’s release of the full video interview on YouTube

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