Sorry for the delay on this one, as it’s now Wednesday and we’re off our routine. We try to keep it on schedule with the Monday release as much as possible to keep it consistent for both all of you and for us as well. We’re looking into how things are gonna play out here once the season starts. Might go back to two episodes, two shorter ones that is, instead of the hour and a half + shit we’re cranking out now. I mean, if these playoffs actually do end up happening, you gotta imagine there’s going to be game after game after game with no travel between cities and all. The way I look at it, say the Caps and (insert team we’ll beat here) go to game 7… there’s gonna be 7 games played in what, no more than 12 days?? I feel like they won’t be spread out, but that’s just my dumb brain. Back to my point… if there’s that many games in such a little time span, we’re gonna have to do two episodes right? If we go one a week we’ll be trying to recap like four or five games. Would rather keep it fresh to two or three games and ep so we can really deep dive em and toss out some outrageous takes.

AB and KP Win Gold; KP Get’s a Conky

You may be wondering why KP wasn’t on the show (even tho we explain it right away) and i’m also not gonna go into super deep detail on this one cause AB literally breaks it down for a good 20 min, so go listen to the start of the ep. BUT… KP (probable) concussion… throwing up, woozy, brain dead (jk he already was).. mark him on the IR for this ep, he’ll be back next week.

Interview – Chucky Slick, Part 2

Part two of our two hour Chucky Slick interview, and if you think part one got off the rails, then holy shit are you in for something. We talk the creation of the Street Ducks, how his music career got going and show stories, and some crazy close to death stories from both him and his brother while traveling the world. Chucky was a damn good time, as we clearly shot the shit for awhile with him. We know a ton of the same dudes and played with a lot of the same guys which makes it even more fun for us to hear these stories. We’ll deff have him back on in the future as he quickly became our most downloaded and listened to episode. If you haven’t yet, check out the full YouTube interview below.

Breaking Down the Newest Tarik Article

Recurring guest Tarik El-Bashir dropped another great read on The Athletic, which you can read HERE. If you don’t have a subscription, you should. It’s super cheap and you honestly get the best reads on there. Tarik is great when he comes on. It’s a lot of in-depth looks at the Caps, he chops it up with us, tells some stories, and it’s fun to go back and forth with him. So, where we were… we like to read his articles and break em down on the show, and today we talk about his most recent article about the day the Caps won the draft lottery, and get’s perspective from every angle of the story with quotes from Ted Leonsis, Gary Bettman, George McPhee, and more. We talk about how crazy is actually was to win the lottery, how that single picked changed the franchise, and realize how much the Caps traded and loaded off the team leading up to that, including that asshat Jagr who did jack shit in DC.

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