What it do what it do another weekend in the books and another episode out for your summer enjoyment. We’ve got a fun one today with pro race car driver Ryan Ellis who was a damn good time to talk to. We also go into all the of the Phase 3 rumblings and holy shit does it feel good to see the ENTIRE Caps team back together and on the ice. We start with our weekend recap per usual, and jump right into UFC 251 and what a SHAM the judging was on Max Holloway. I’ve mentioned it on the pod before, but I used to do PR for the UFC so I follow it pretty heavily and love the big cards like this. Gambling wise, I got you.. and it was a *5-0 night for me (technically 4-1 but that Holloway decision fucked me). I’m also making my claim as Usman being boring AF and i’m over his fights. Weekends in the summer usually mean we’re on the boat all weekend, and it was no different as we buzzed out to AB’s bay house in Kent Island and got absolutely BUCKLED at The Jetty, I mean, what a bar. If you haven’t been, ya should. Lastly, what’s a weekend without saucin’ a few pucks off the dock?

Phase 3 is Underway and Training Camp is HERE!!!!!

MASSIVE week as the NHL is actually official with everything now in terms of a schedule, rosters, dates, etc but wowwwww we are back baby. We’ll start here; TRAININGGGG CAMP and the Caps are on the ice finally and damn is it good to see all the boys. We won’t go too in depth in this section cause we break it down on the pod, so we’ll toss some insta’s in.

The Caps have also officially announced the roster they’ll be taking to Toronto, and it’s loaded with Black ace’s. One thing that’s going to be super interesting is to see how some of these black ace’s will play out and if any will be cracking the lineup in case of (knock on wood it doesn’t happen) one of the guys comes down with the rona for a few days.

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The Caps have also been assigned to Hotel X in Toronto… and have to room with the Pens, Flyers, Bruins, and Bolts… lmao WHAT?!?! You think the NHL was like “alright, these are the only teams in the East with a chance of winning this thing so let’s put em all in this hotel and try to make sure they don’t kill each other”

Interview – Ryan Ellis

We’re joined by race car driver Ryan Ellis and it was a damn good time. When we have someone on for the first time that we’ve never talked to before outside of a few Instagram DM’s, you never know what’s gonna happen, how they’ll be, if they’ll be talkative, think we are complete idiots and hang up, you never know. But… Ryan was a legend, we immediately just start talking shit about beer league hockey, he ripped on himself, threw a few F bombs around, then asked to join our State Wars team. Complete beauty and an awesome dude to chat with. We’ll deff get him on again in the future now that he’s joined our best friends club with Phoenix Copley.

The Russian 5 Takes Over Tik Tok

I mean.. what the fuck? How do you not LOVE these Russians?! I’ve said on the pod that the videos of some Caps on the ice get’s me fired up… well this get’s me fired up as well cause my god are these five about to LIGHT IT UP in the playoffs. The five best friends, five Russian spies, Tik Tok starts, absolute beauties. Pass the Russian gas boys, i’m tryna get my Tik Tok clout up.

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