This is a tough one because you have to love the amount of equity the Canadiens have here. Let’s be real though. They are an average team. They really just don’t have it this year and could use that lottery chance at Alexis Lafreniere, the unanimous #1 pick & a French Canadian. 

This does push the question tho.. can Carey Price get hot enough to steal this series?

The Penguins on the other hand have not one, but two of the best centers in the world, add in Marleu, Guentzel, and Bujstead to the mix. They’re an experienced core with some young guns who, per Pens usual, find a way to preform. Don’t count out their solid D core, and if Murray is hot… a great goaltender. 

The Penguins experience is going to be huge here. They have won 2 cups in the last 5 years and you know for a fact Crosby isn’t content. His work ethic has been mentioned by others around the league as uncanny so we know that guy is coming back ready to play. 


Photos taken at Las Vegas.

Grose’s Picks: Take the Penguins -230 1u, yes it’s worth it. They’re going to win this one. Yes this goes way against my ideology of this being a coin flip of a playoffs, but I do like the experience and think teams like the Pens, Caps, Bruins to name a few will have a good shot at it this year. 

Series special: Pens 3-0 +325 1u 

Pens will win this in 3 or 4 take the coin flip on the 3 at +325 

This could be an absolute wallet burner if I’m wrong 🙂

AB’s Picks: This is probably the easiest pick to make out of all the series. I mean seriously, who do the Canadians have that can keep up with Crosby and Malkin. I know we’re a Caps podcast, but gotta give credit where credit is due. And the Canadiens have absolutely NO ONE that can maintain these two players. As long as Murray doesn’t develop downs in his own net, the Pens should win this easily. -230 is a lot of juice but I would still bet the house on it to get a decent return. May want to throw a little action on Pens in 4 at +240 as well.

Coaches Picks: The only thing that sticks out to me in this entire article is the fact that Grose said Murray is a great goalie? What the fuck was he on when writing this? I’m laying $230 to win $100 on the Pens to win this series because obviously. I’ll also be laying $100 to win $240 on the Pens in 4 because put some respect on Price’s name.. ya gotta know he’s gonna steal at least one game. I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if Jarry gets the nod in net… depending on how training camp goes obviously and who plays their exhibition game vs Philly. People forget that Guentzel was gonna miss the rest of the season and playoffs for the Pens, but thats to the Rona, he’s back, and that’s a massive add for them.

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