Alright, here’s what happens when it comes to these recap blogs: I start writing them pregame, and throughout the game, so that by then time the games over, it just needs the final touches and boom, you dummies can give it a read. Its currently 7:29.. and i’m on drink # 3, and if you don’t know the rules for tonight:

Alright, with all that being said.. I may be will be a bit buckled by the end of this, and deff during the post game show. There’s some pretty big news coming into this … must win? should win? game. I mean, we had a dominate two periods in game 1, a commanding two goal lead (worse lead in hockey) and then Holtby lets in a stinker and the ship goes down hard and goes down fast. Don’t give me this “iT’s Ok iF wE gO dOwN 2-0 wE dId vS CoLuMbUs WhEn We WoN!!” no, shut the hell up. This is a weird playoffs, theres no home ice advantage, nothing. So tying this series up tonight is critical, and it needs to be commanding.

Pre-game Storylines

Andddddd there goes Nicky for the first round i’d imagine. Conky for sure, and that’s not something we can really rush back like his broken hand in the 2018 cup run. This is a tough loss, as we FINALLY changed some lines around and the 8-19-77 line was firing early in game 1. With Backstrom out, it’s back to 8-92-43, which… wasn’t great in the round robin. We needed a change, Todd finally makes one, and then boom we’re stuck in a situation of having no choice but to go back to what’s familiar. Not to mention Backs being the two way center he is, but hell.. PUCKS IN, PUCKS OUT.

You’re f**ckin’ right he does!!! LARS THE TIGER ELLER. This is where depth comes in to our advantage, as Lars is a top six C on a lottttt of teams in this league, and when he’s up in the lineup, he steps up big time. This article from Nova Caps does a great job of taking a deeper look into it. But regardless, as well as the team can play, we need Holtby to bounce back in a big way. No doubt two of those goals last game are two he wishes he could have back, so i’m looking for Holts to step in and have hell of a showing tonight. A goal or less, i’m callin’ it.

First Period

Well…. this literally started as best as it possibly could have. THE CAPTAIN, BOUNCE BACK O. Ovi gets a wild bounce, puck to his stick, makes his way to the crease and sneaks in a backhander to get us up…. wait for it.. what do I always say? Early and often baby. I’ve already got Tampa game 7 vibes baby, you literally DON’T LOSE when your captain opens it up in the first min of the game.

Ovi’s 66th playoff goal, tying him with Denis Savard and Joe Nieuwendyk for the 20th most playoff goals in NHL history. UGH, I love my GOAT. Meanwhile, this period ends 1-0, but it wasn’t smooth sailing as the Islanders outplayed the Caps for the last 10 min. The good news? The PK stays hot AF as they kill two more, staying perfect in the bubble. Oh yeah.. and Wilson ran around like a mad man and took a stupid penalty.. so there’s that. Beer Count: 5

Second Period

LOL this team man… we’re good for what? 15 min a game? And the rest is rubbish. The biggest thing i’ve complained about in these playoffs is the Caps defense inability to get the puck out when it’s on our stick behind our own net. It happened AGAIn with Kemps, he turns it over and we get high stick penalty anddd bang, ya knew the PK had to crack at some point…

DON’T WORRY THO! The Caps weren’t done being bad at hockey yet as we give another goal up just two min later and the Isles take their first lead of the game. This one is another thing we’ve bitched about on the post game show a ton: COVERING THE FRONT. I mean, just nobody at home plate and Matt Martin… of all people, sneaks back door and bangs one home.

Listen, I was super bummed, thought we were losing this game, yada yada yada, but I forgot something. We Have the greatest goal scorer of all time and he’s ties the game for us like the legend that he is. This is a play I love by Big O – works hard behind the net, puck gets to the point to Dilly, and O is going straight to crease for a tip drill and it’s a tie game.

Ahhhhh, namaste ~ all is good in the world ~ Ovi has two goals, we tied it up, time to buckle down and get after it and tie this series… HAHAHHAA SO WE THOUGHT. This one’s on Vrana all day everything. I don’t even wanna break this down? He’s been terrible in the bubble.. like completely awful… did he even touch a treadmill or anything over the break? Apparently not.

Beer count: 7

Third Period

This was not a good period… the beer counter is pretty high… so, take a look for yourself. Caps in 6

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