Game 5 baby LOOK ALIVE CAPS FANS. Happy Thursday first of all, i’m ridin’ Captain n’ Cokes tonight, only because I did Tuesday and it worked, so hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it baby. I’m curious to see how today’s game goes because this is a VERY big game in terms of my emotions. If we lose, i’m thinkin’ okay I mean we played good for one game but did we really expect it to stay that way? pshtttt of course not. BUT…. if we win, that’s when i completely buy back in to this team being a wagon and screaming Caps in 7 from the roof of Whitlow’s. Here goes nothin’…

Pregame Storylines

I got SO excited seeing Backstrom’s name, then I read the tweet…. Todd, listen to me buddy the top six can’t score. Hell, NOBODY can score 5v5 except for Ovi and Kuzy, but hey, i’m not an NHL coach so what do I know? i’ll tell ya what I know: THE CAPS CAN’T GENERATE OFFENSE, which means don’t change a thing and push Nicky down to line 3 when 8-19-77 was working so well in game one. At this point Todd is trolling us, but if they win I… jk I won’t take back anything i’ve said what-so-ever. Gudas is also still in the lineup, which completely blows my mind. There isn’t much else to dive in to for this pregame as it’s literally just survive and advance.

First Period

Key to the game: strike first and strike early! Sorry to spoil but that’s not quite the case. The exact opposite actually as we (surprise!) take a penalty and let the 1/19 Isles PP on the ice. 1/19?! That’s garbage man, throw that shit out! … welp, Caps get to chasin’ and the Isles bang it around the slot and find themselves with a wide open net as Beauvillier bang’s it home for a 1-0 lead.

Period ended 1-rip Isles, with nothing out of the ordinary happening, and that includes the Caps taking multiple penalties.

Second Period

It was the comeback Caps last game, and it’d have to be the same story for this one. Mike Milbury disinterested count up to this point: 42 and honestly as much as I hate that dummy, I literally can’t disagree with him while watching this team. Also at this point, it’s really setting in that this is, might be, hopefully not Holtby’s last game. This next goal to put the Isles up? IDK what the hell to even say. John Carlson is a Norris finalist. Remember when we stanned that? Like, really said he should win it? What a rough series, and don’t come at me w/ his assist #. Big hit by Tommy at the end here. That’s what this series is missing: a questionable Tom Wilson suspension.

Caps find themselves in a serious hole. Some would say desperate. Me? Well… let’s just say i’m not hopeful, or happy… but pucks at the feet and crash, feed the chickens, one tuck and we’re back let’s buzz. 2-0 Isles to end the second.

Third Period

Man, was this bad. No jump, no life, no hope, no nothing from this team what so ever. Tough loss, as Trotz sucked the life out of the game and the Isles potted two ENG’s to win it 4-0. The Caps, winners of game 4, respond with a lazy, weak performance and get shutout. Until next year, babes…

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