*clears throat*


I mean holy jumpin’ the king of New York, the Cap killer, this handsome SOB with arguably the biggest wrench in the NHL has just signed with our Washington Capitals on a 1 year, $1.5M salary and omg talk about a team friendly deal. I said it on the last podcast that I would love to have Hank, but for dirt cheap so that we have some wiggle room to potentially make another move or two and this, this right here, is the definition of dirt cheap baby.

Gone are the days of Hank robbing us in the playoffs and crushing our hopes and dreams. Gone are the days of the King tormenting us for a DECADE, and gone are the days of saves like the following…

But man, what a situation we now find ourselves in with our goalie tandem. Honestly what better option than Hank to come in and teach Sammy Saves his wisdom and all he’s learned in his career, and not to mention that Hank can step in a rip off 30-35 games for us, which won’t force Sammy into some overwhelming 60+ game season as a starter. And hey, if Sammy slumps, you have to feel so comfortable knowing our other option is Hank. Talk about the most ideal 1A/1B scenario we could have imagined, and especially now that Hank has this good of a team in front of him… my god. One thing I will miss tho is Ovi just absolutely ripping bombs on the King.

I could post Ovi goals on Hank all day, BUT NO MORE, as we officially stan the king and will tolerate ZERO Lundqvist slander. Now, to another important aspect about Hank… and it’s how god damn hot he is. The dude is a total man rocket, stud, missile, you name it. I’ll add a clip from Spittin’ Chiclets below from their episode with Hank, but it you have to listen to the episode itself when they talk about how massive his wrench is, and it’s been confirmed by multiple NHL players. My god we got a BSD in the locker room now which means the cup is confirmed. This dude is so handsome tho like jesus, when he’s on the bench, it’ll be a flock of women to get behind the glass by our bench to get a glimpse of the king and I can’t wait for it.

Let’s not get it twisted tho, Hank can deff still play, and i’ll add a graphic in below from JFRESH hockey. Low risk, high reward is what i’m officially claiming this signing to be, and honestly, to go back to the earlier point, this is such a cheap deal, it makes it all seem that much better. Say this were around 3.5-4M, then i’d honestly be like alright, wtf are we doing here? Last year, Hank played 30 games, and started 26 and finished with a record of 10-12-3. Keep this in mind tho, he’ll be playing in front of a way better team here in Washington than he had with the Rangers. He tossed up a .907 sv% and 3.16 GAA. But here’s where he’s really gonna play a big role – playoffs. Whether that’s stepping in for Sammy if there’s a bad game or if he decides to go four wheeling in Virginia between games, and if not for that, just the comfort of the staff and team having Hank there, and here’s a guy that’s played a lot of playoff games that can be a calming voice in sweet Sammy’s ears throughout our cup run next seasosn.

Don’t worry king, you’ll get those win’s, and we’ll get you that well deserved cup. See ya soon.

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