I mean look at us, who woulda thought? All here, back together again, I mean wow… it’s so nice to see you all, even though I clearly can’t since this is a blog but HEY! Welcome back to another season of Chripin’ DMV. I’m super fired up for this season because it’s gonna be a wild one. The NHL season itself is jammed into a six month sprint, which means back to backs, a ton of games a week, and that means… you guessed it, CONTENT like you wouldn’t believe. TBH i’m just glad we have a season, and the NHL has done a great job if getting everything together to have a (hopefully) successful one, even tho yes they are absolutely screwing over OVI yet again in terms of catching Gretzky. How’s my offseason been you ask? (even tho you didn’t and don’t care) but not bad, not too bad. The holiday’s were spent getting wasted with friends and family and stressing over WVU basketball but hey whats new? Enough of me, let’s get into it.

What’s New for Season 2?

Season 2 we’re coming at ya bigger and better than last year. We started the post game live show in the playoffs last year and it was a hit, so we spent the offseason coming up with new shows, and actually came up with about 10. But, with the shortened season and jam packed schedule, we figured we’ll keep it to 4 and really hone these in to make em the best possible. Check the descriptions above for an in-depth look at what each show will be. We also fucked around and made a SQUADDDD of people. Content wagon? I think YES. We Stat Guy Blake last year who was a huge addition and was a hit on the post game show with his crazy stats and lit intro. But we’ve got even more, including Ben (who you heard in this episode) who’s a blogger and video editor, as well as the host of the RE:CAPS show. We added another blogger and editor in DJ who’s such a kick ass chick and we can’t wait till she starts working her magic on the Capital Punishment show. The Bobcat is back and full time now as he’ll be hosting the local puck episodes with me, and finally, Capsboybebop, and unreal caps twitter personality who’s gonna be doing some super cool content with us and if you wanna find you more, just visit our “About Us” page at the top of the website here.

Training Camp

It’s a wacky training camp this year, as it’s only 10 days and no exhibition games to get guys into “game shape” so what Lavs has done has split it into two groups, a morning group (likely NHL roster + taxi squad) and the afternoon group (Hershey guys, some recent first round picks, etc) and I love it, here’s what Lav’s has as his opening day lineup:

What we did in this episode for ya is take the press conferences from Ovi, Lavs, Chara, and Carly and sprinkle in some of the best quotes throughout the episode for ya so you didn’t have to sit around and listen to the entire videos of them on the Caps website. I loved day one, and from what i’ve seen on Twitter in day 2 is nothing short of awesome in terms of how uncle Pete is pushing the guys in these 10 days, I mean hell, when’s the last time you saw a guy do pushups for fuckin’ up in an NHL practice?

The New Guys

I realllllly hope you don’t live under a rock and have seen all the news by now. Honestly, I was extremely shocked when we signed Chara. It was like okay, check twitter, tweet that the Caps are interested in Chara? Interesting… 2 min later….

Well that sure as hell escalated quickly but i’m ALL IN. My first initial reaction based on seeing his contract and what the bonuses were, it looks like he’ll play a solid step in role. AB set the over/under at 35 games that he’d play but I find that insane. I’m seeing 15-20, and mostly on the back end of a back to back if a guy is banged up or needs a little rest. But hell, i’m all for having Big Z as a replacement D, I mean fuckin a, imagine him and Ovi even on the same PP just hammerin pucks on net. The other guy? Former Stanley Cup Champion and Penguin Conor Sheary. I loved this. Super cheap and third line scoring depth, absolutely love it.

World Juniors Roundup

I love this tournament. Every year I spend the holidays watching a majority of these games and holy jumpin they are fun. A lot of buzzin, a lot of energy, and watching prospects just hits me in the right place ya feel me, Get’s ya juiced for the future of the league. Semi-finals went down last night and in game one we saw the Canadians win again (lame) as they just shit pumped the Russians, much like they have to every single team they’ve played in the tournament. I’m happy they won tho, let the Red White and Blue get a crack as these losers.

And then you’ve got game 2, USA vs Finland, the team that’s booted us from the tourney the past two years but boy did we get our sweet sweet revenge last night. Did we get outplayed? Yes.. Did we blow a 2 goal lead in the third? Yes.. but to hell with all that. The USA, after dropping game one went on a three game shutout streak. That good? Spencer Knight is now playing at an extremely high level and that”ll be needed in tonights gold medal game. Also, I’m a MASSIVE fan of both Caufield and Zegras, those two are unreal.

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