This one felt good. Felt REAL good. We actually got to sit back, relax, and breakdown an actual Caps game, and three of em at that! It’s been awhile, and even when we launched a few weeks back, it was just news and notes to lead you up into the season. But nahhhh NOT NO MORE. It’s game breakdowns and previews every episode now. We’re also gonna start bringing back a ton of segments, including in todays episode with the Caps three stars of the week where we each pick a Cap who balled out, on the stat sheet or not. We’re also gonna bring back our Unleash the Fury segment next week where we read absolutely STUPID facebook comments, insta comments and tweets on Caps post game post and expose the idiots that troll the internet and don’t know a lick about hockey. Something like, you know, Ovi doesn’t score in three games so a tweet comes in saying he’s washed and shouldn’t be resigned. Or that Lav’s should be on the hot seat for ruining Big O’s goal scoring… wait shit that was my tweet. Okay we actually won’t be posting that one.

AB Get’s Shit Pump at a Tallahassee Tourney, Coach is Out of Quarantine!

That’s right folks, daddy’s free and no longer locked down with the Covid. Very excited to say the least. Back to men’s league, back to going outside and getting fresh air, can take the dog to the dog park, you name it. I spent the 10 days without a drink (except for the half of beer I drank during the happy hour show, cause you know, work… so I had too.) But man I can’t honestly wait to just go to a bar and black out beyond belief. It’s been since well before Christmas since i’ve done so and man is it gonna be a hell of a night when I do. And by hell of a night I mean go eat appetizers somewhere and drink 13 captain and cokes before the bar closes at 10pm then facetime a bunch of random people to let them know how blacked out I am. Good times. Also, i’m selling my anti-bodies. $100 for me to spit in your mouth. I also watched a ton of stuff in lockdown and discussed a show and movie I cranked out. The show being “The Queen’s Gambit” and yes, I was hesitant to watch thinking it would be boring since it’s about chess and my dumb brain doesn’t understand that game what so ever. BUT, the show was insanely awesome, and I give it a 9.2/10. Sucked me in all the way through, and it’s only a 7 episode series, so you won’t be watching it for the next three months. Next, I watched this movie called “Outside the Wire” and I highly recommend. Solid 7.9 out of 10

If you’re new here, welcome. If not, you know all about AB and his tournaments. He plays a ton of roller tourneys throughout the year for money and what not and usually does pretty damn well. It’s rare his team get’s shit pumped. Well, this weekend up in Tallahassee, they most deff got whooped. Kinda funny when you actually log on and hear the story for yourself, as he was under the impression it was an unreal team and next thing you know it’s 5 goalies skating out and they score like, 9 goals all tournament.

Interview – Samantha Pell

Today’s interview was with Sam Pell, the Caps beat reporter for the Washington Post, now entering her second season covering the team. She popped on for about 30 min or so and we really enjoyed picking her brain. We recorded Sunday night while she was up in Pittsburgh, just a few hours after the game, so everything was nice and fresh on the brain. We break down the Caps through their first three games, and the team overall as they’ve welcomed in a new coach and a handful of fresh faces. We also talk her crazy travel schedule for the year (spoiler, she’s driving every where) as well as her career in journalism and how she got to where she is today. We also ask her best guys to talk to on the team, favorite cities to get wasted in after games, and some rapid fire questions. Give her a follow, she’s like our guy Tarik and is straight knowledge and provides the best when it comes to insider info. She’s also stuck with us now, so whenever you guys want her on let us know and we’ll flood her DM’s until she comes back on.

We then broke down in depth the opening sweep at Buffalo and the Sunday shootout loss in Pittsburgh. After that we get into our Caps three starts of the week and they are as you would imagine…

TJ Oshie 1-2–3

Tom Wilson 1-2–3

Vitek Vanecek – first career win, 30 saves

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