Settle down I know i’ve missed the last two episode blogs. I’ve been busy as a MF with work, moving, and a shit load of Chirpin content. Hell this week alone we’ve cranked out two podcast episodes, Capital Punishment, re:CAPS (with another one coming out today or tomorrow) handful of blogs, Happy Hour LIVE, you name it we do it. It’s been a wild week, and one thing i’ll touch on before getting into the blog is the whole NWHL vs Erika Nardini (Barstool CEO) back and forth we’re seeing on Twitter. Here’s the way I see. The NWHL is great, we need a pro women’s hockey league, but here’s the thing. It struggles with viewership, money, growth, etc, and that’s just how all female pro sports leagues are, and that’s the unfair, harsh reality. The NWHL needs help with promotion, marketing, etc to gain viewership, and Nardini leaned into it full throttle giving the league as much attention (for free, FYI) as humanly possible. BUT, people hate Barstool because of reasons that, to be honest, have happened in literally every media outlet, but you know, BaRsToOl BAD! So, they came out saying they were against Erika and Barstool and this that and the other and NWHL media and people that cover are all mad and want them out while at the same time will cry home that nobody is watching their league or paying it any attention. IDK, think what you want about it, but the NWHL in my eyes is digging their own grave, and now Barstool is working on starting a womens hockey league, so this will get interesting.

Liberty Takes Down NCAA D1 LIU

Massive, and I mean MASSIVE with for Liberty this week. Not in terms of standings, not in terms of points, but a massive program win to prove how good this team truly is and the strides they’ve made to create a team and culture that is truly one of the best in the country. Liberty is ACHA, meaning they are a club team. Long Island University is NCAA D1, so i’m sure you know what that means. Liberty is always one of the top teams in the country, and a lot has been said on Twitter, especially after last weekend, that this team should make a push to become an NCAA program. They’ve got the facilities, they’ve got the talent, and now they’ve got the win to show they belong. It was a weekend series where Liberty took game one Friday night by a score of 2-1. Here’s a clip from the Liberty website recap.

Given the reprieve, the Flames converted the equalizer 4:36 before the second intermission when senior forward Quinn Ryan spurted out of traffic with the puck on transition and flicked a backhanded feed to junior forward Josh Fricks. His shot was cleared by Long Island defenseman Nolan McElhaney out to Liberty sophomore defenseman Vitaliy Novytskyy at the top of the left circle, where he rocketed a slapshot past Metcalf. “Even when we went down a goal, we still felt pretty confident, like we were playing really well,” Gammer said. “I thought we were outchancing them, outskating them, outhitting them, kind of outworking them, so it was only a matter of time before we got that first one.”

Massive, just massive to pick up that win. Unfortunately, they would fall the following evening 4-0. Shoutout to goalie Hunter Virostek who made over 80 saves on the weekend, including 50 in the Friday night win.

Interview – Kris Carlson

Today we’re joined by Kris Carlson, tendy for the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves. He’s a Virginia native who spent his childhood bouncing back and forth from VA to Colorado. We talk Little Caps and Team Maryland as his local clubs that he played for. We also talk his time in the USHL, USPHL, and NAHL Junior leagues where he played with Troy Terry and Brock Boeser… ever heard of em? He committed to Providence but left after his first year and we dive into that whole situation and how he found a home in Alaska. We go off topic a bit and talk being a dad to his newborn and his go to drink at Whitlows rooftop in Arlington when he’s home. Here’s some highlights from a game vs Michigan Tech.

Black Bears Win Game Two, Hone in on First Place

After dropping the first of their double header 3-2 in a shootout, the Black Bears bounced back the following night to beat the Nordiques 4-1. Luke Mountain would collect a hattrick, scoring one in the first and two in the second to give Maryland a 3-1 lead heading into the third where Aden Bruich would bundle home and auto giving the Black Bears the insurance they needed with a 4-1 lead. Hannes Kollen would kick away 33 of 34 shots faced. The Black Bears sit 3rd in the East with 27 points in 21 games played. They trail Johnstown (29 points in 20 games) and Maine (31 points in 24 games)

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