Well today sucks! If you haven’t heard the news, the Caps vs Flyers game tonight is postponed due to Covid issues with the Flyers. Should I do it? You know, go on a rant about how every fucking team in the NHL is seemingly having Covid issues but THE ONLY TEAM to face a suspension and a fine were the Caps. Like the Lightning all hanging out in a room watching the Super Bowl and how that was perfectly fine?? Hilarious, just absolutely hilarious to me how much of a joke this has all been this year with handling this. I’m over it.. seriously, I am, cause we had an awesome episode come out today.


Today’s interview was with Ben Raby, who host the pre, post and intermission live shows on Capitals Radio and man was he awesome. We kicked things off with the Caps and the current season and how they are playing better than he would have guessed so far. We break down Backstrom’s hot start, if VV should be the started in the playoffs, and more. We then get into his career a bit and he tell’s a hilarious story about the time he tweeted out a comment Bruce Boudreau made about how bad Notre Damn football was after they got crushed in a game, then got a SHIT KICKING from Bruce about it a day or so later… which all turned out to be a big hoax. We assume he deleted the tweet, but we dug enough to find this.

We lastly finish up with his book “100 Things Capitals Fans Should Know Before They Die” and pick out some of his favorite moments and memories from all the interviews while writing the book.

Ben Bailed for an EASHL Tourney

No Ben on this episode as he had an EASHL tourney to attend too. BUT, we brought in Stat Guy Blake off the taxi squad for this one. I like mixing it up a bit getting someone different with AB and myself every now and then as it brings a different perspective and hot takes to the episode. With Blake, you’re getting a ton of stats you usually won’t get when it’s us normal three dummies. We’ve got Unleash the Fury again and boy do we love a good Facebook coach. That’s about all I got for this one, enjoy the episode and tell us your thoughts on who you would like to hear us get on the pod.

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