Happy Friday Chripin’ fam hope you’re staying warm out here! It’s almost like we’re right on the edge of having ODR’s, but it just doesn’t get cold enough for long enough. Yet, I walk outside and damn near bust my ass trying to get to my car. Here’s a pic of probably the last time we had pond hockey weather in MD, somewhere between 2006 – 2009ish i believe this pic was taken. Obviously wasn’t the coldest day ever seeing as that i’m wearing a t-shirt. Either that or I was just being a hard ass.

We’ve got a stacked episode today with two very awesome interviews, and we’ll get to those in a bit. But, you need the men’s league update first, obviously. Bad news… the Wombats were eliminated by the Green Machine last night in the 2 vs 3 semi-final. Just a tough game. We outplayed the hell out of them, and shots were literally 37-19… but guess who lost 7-3? THESE GUYS. We hit (count em) 9 post in the game, like what? Idk, tough end to the season but the boys will be back and buzzin in a few weeks. We didn’t have our normal goalie either so had to find one on Facebook.. i’m assuming Facebook Marketplace the way he played, but that’s besides the point. Let’s get into Episode 89.

Noah Grove

I mean come on, does it get any better than this? The pods first ever Gold Medalist and it was an awesome conversation. Shoutout to our guy Sandy Cohen over at First Line Training Center for shooting the intro text to Noah and I, he’s always looking out for us and shooting us interview ideas over. Noah has an incredible story, which to be honest, you can go listen to the pod and hear from his own words. I actually suggest you go listen to the pod, then go watch the YouTube interview after. He lost his leg from amputation at the age of 5 from Cancer, but never let that hold him back as he played football, soccer, hockey, you name it. We go through his career up to being selected for the USA Sled Hockey team and then go through some of his best memories so far including memorable goals and the 2018 Paralympics where they beat Canada 2-1 in OT to win gold. We talk best and worst countries he’s visited and why, how he met Ovi drunk at a hospital, and what the future hold for him. We also talk about the impact he has on The Children’s Cancer Foundation, and how you can have an impact too by donating here: https://childrenscancerfoundation.org/donate/

Montgomery Cheetahs

Our second interview was with Sean Twombly, Executive Director and Assistant Coach for the Cheetahs hockey program, and Paula, who is a local hockey player and the longest tenured mentor for the program who is also running the fundraising efforts for the club. This club is incredible and the interview was a blast as we got to know all about the organization and what it does for so many special needs kids. We talk ‘Speedy’ the mascot, the history of the program, and all they’re doing now for fundraising efforts. Which made us want to jump in on the fun, so be on the lookout next week for an announcement on a Chirpin DMV PS4 NHL21 tournament with proceeds benefiting the Cheetahs organization. You can check out their website here: https://montgomery-cheetahs.org/

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