Ahhh, Sunday Funday. Take the dog to the dog park to pal around a bit, cook a great early dinner, have a cocktail or 6. You know, the usual stuff you do to prepare for a 7pm Caps game. Well, except for the fact that the NHL decided to fuck us over knowing we hate afternoon games and pushed us to 2pm!

Pregame Storylines

What’s worse than a noon game? This tweet, this tweet right here (and by the end of this blog I hope I am extremely wrong about this take) but my god from what I saw in that period and a half that Anderson played in a few games back, I am extremely nervous about this. Samsonov is technically with the team and back from Hershey, and a lot of people thought he’d be getting the nod today. Prove me wrong tho Craig, play some 2017 Eastern Conference Finals type of hockey today and all will be well in DC.

This is what I was bitchin’ about at the top of this blog. Like COME ON NHL. We hate them, Kuzy has literally said to the media he hates them. We are SO BAD in noon games yet here comes the NHL, just a few short weeks after fining the Caps 100k, they go and lay this on us. Is the league out to get us? my column:

Here’s the last thing I wanna touch on, and it was the outdoor game last night. I bet Avs ML and also parlayed Avs ML & the over on 5.5… ML hit but fuck they missed a few open net chances at the end of the game to hit that over. Besides the day long intermission, it was an unreal site to see. The NHL needs to do this every year, no fans, somewhere secluded and awesome as fuck.

First Period

Caps got their first shot on goal with 8:55 left in the first

New Jersey, afternoon game, idk but the Caps are gonna be the Caps and that’s a very slow and old team and welp, that’s what happens when you’re a very slow and old team! Devils would convert on their first power play of the game (before the Caps even got a SOG) as Andreas Johnsson would send home a feed from Palmieri and the Devils would jump on the Caps first and that’s exactly what you DON’T want to see if you’re a DC fan.

Second Period

This team man, this team is something else, and to be honest, they make me drink. It’s Sunday funday and we’re playing like this? Well of course we are, it’s a day game. Devils would go up 2-0 on a beautiful goal by Jack Hughes that I had to double take to find out what exactly the hell Dowd was doing here.

BUT WAIT A GOD DAMN MINUET. The Caps would get a powerplay (finally) and it’s Osh Babe (also finally) off a beautiful tip from a point shot by Carlson and the Caps actually have a lil life in em as it’s a 2-1 game as we head to the 3rd with the Caps out shooting NJ 26-15. I feel good about it, I do, and holy jumpin we need this win. Also DJ, if you’re reading this, stop shit talking me on twitter just cause i’m a lil buzzed and tweeting crazy stuff.

Third Period

I mean what a period. Big bounce back period for the boys in blue and it’s incredible. I;m not even gonna type much here. I’m gonna sit back and let these tweets serenade you.

Massive third period for the home team. Let this be *another* start of a run.

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