As a hockey player growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s one of my favorite things I would get in the mail was gear catalogues. I would look at what my favorite players used and jump and see if it was in the magazine. I was always excited to see what gear people used. I eventually ended up working at multiple pro-shops and continued become a “gear nerd”.

Today I am submitting my All-Time Caps style team. We did get some good replies on twitter, lets see who cracks the list. I am going to do the 3F 2D 1G approach, not center, left/right wing and defense.

Forward Spot #1

I Absolute no brainer for me. Sergei Fedorov, the God Father of hockey style. Dude made White Nike skates a sought after Christmas present every year (Never got em). His time with the Caps was brief, but sweet. That game winner vs the Rangers?!? Unreal. Warrior mitts, yellow laces (he gets a pass) S17 twig was an all timer. Now lets look at the buckets. Nike 0004 helmet aka the original Bauer 4000, now 4500. Mission Intake with the smoke visor. He’s a legend for a reason.

Forward Spot #2

Alexander Ovechkin, accolade for the sure fire, future Hall of Fame inductee. The Great 8, changed the way kids in the DMV and probably nation wide taped their blades. The NHL changed a rule because of his visor, and of course his switch to Bauer and return to CCM. Also the NHL outlawed the jersey being rolled on up the elbow cuff and have exposed equipment…Ovi found a loophole there.

Forward Spot #3

This one boiled down to two players in my mind. Ultimately Joe Juneau snuck in at spot 3. Some relatively unique sock tape, classic bucket, good hair. Not to mention the Micron Mega skates seen below. If you were born after 1995 there is a good chance you have no idea what I just said. Juneau was also an early Easton Ultra-Lite shaft, made popular largely due to Paul Kariya.

Defense Spot #1

Green is the one guy, I wish was still on the Caps for that Cup run. Here’s your consolation Greener. Talk about a gear whore, this dude had fans donating Easton Stealth CNTs in right handed 65 flex models (I believe Sakic curve) But hey, if it works it works. He also added some flair with the white Reebok Pumps, plus a no bucket/mohawk combo warm look is peak 2009.

Defense Spot #2

“The Secretary of Defense” himself. There really isn’t much up for debate here. The combo of the lip sweater and baby afro, what’s left to say? You see that dude coming after you in a corner with a piece of lumber in his hands? doubtful. He’s got some slick Cooper Technoflex gloves and the classic CCM Tacks, some killer flop on those tongues too. Respect your elders and take a moment to appreciate that sweet, sweet stache.


Olie the Goalie, Zilla, Olaf Kolzig takes the cake for goalie style. The Heaton pads were wore with the custom star on the 5-hole were unreal. The Godzilla mask with the Screamin’ Eagle jersey. **chef’s kiss** Olie always had clean set ups, black and white, blue and gold, red and blue, whatever he killed it.

Honorable Mentions:

Anson Carter, Mission Carbster helmet, sick flow, and the M1 stick. Check out the color on the cuff of those mitts, pretty slick.

Peep the accent colors on those Missions

Don Beaupre, one of the goalies with a notable mask, but hard to top Olaf.

Al Iafrate, not much to say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

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