Pregame Storylines

In Samsonov’s COVID related absence, Vitek Vanecek stepped in and came up big. But it was still expected that upon Samsonov’s return, he would really be the guy. However, giving back to back starts to Vanecek certainly says something.

Another big storyline from this week was that, apparently, nobody ever thought that maybe we should be coaching Evgeny Kuznetsov? According to NBC Sports Washington the arrival of Michael Peca marked the first time that (at least at the pro level) Kuznetsov has had a coach help him with Faceoffs? Which really kinda explains why he’s been so bad at them

First Period

The first period was extremely physical, with big hits and post-whistle disagreements all over the ice. This included this massive reverse hit from Garnet Hathaway

Unfortunately, though, the only goal came from the rat, Brad Marchand.

Second Period

Physicality from the first carried over into the second as a high hit from Wilson on Carlo late in the first led to a fight between Wilson and Tinordi.

Unfortunately, the fight didn’t spark any energy for the Caps as the next goal came from the Bruins Trent Frederic.

It wasn’t long after that Patrice Bergeron took advantage of Jensen and Chara running into each other and put a third goal past Vanecek.

When I said to my wife “I hope there’s more to write about in the second period” this is quite literally the opposite of what I meant. :|||||||||||||.

The hemorrhaging continued as the Bruins top line scored yet again, but I dont need to show it too you. It didn’t even look any different from the other goals. Shortly thereafter, Vanecek was pulled for Ilya Samsonov.

Third Period

Not a whole lot happened in the third. The Bruins put in a fifth goal. Bobcat’s pregame prediction about two fights happening came true, so congrats to him.

Oh, and Nick Backstrom got his 700th assist, after battling in the corner to get the puck to Jakub Vrana.

Tough to find a positive from tonight, but Backstrom’s 700th assist is certainly a big one.

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