I just LOVE the fact we get to play a normal schedule this year. I mean, game three of the season and the Colorado Avalanche are in town?! Fuck me up man, if you had a chance to go to this game and see Burky, MacKinnon, and the rest of that high flying Avs team you’re a joke.Also, am I dumb or did the Avs change their J’s again by making the numbers that powder blue color? This is literally just an every year thing for them where they tweak their jerseys and I love it.

Pregame Storylines

Sammy get’s to kick the pipes for the first time this season and I feel like the jump of this season and goaltending choices have people wondering what the hell is going on. Or not, cause a lot of you just hate Sammy for some stupid reason?? Like there is no valid information behind those arguments what so ever. Most importantly – both goalies have new pads this year, and tbh, i’m not a fan. Too much color, i’m not a big darker pads guy. I like em clean and crisp with little design to it. Regardless, I think we all want to see Sammy have a massive game tonight.

Buckle up kids, the McMichael era is here. Dare I say the new young guns? We just need a wack ass commercial of like five of the young guys pretending to play in a band and i’ll be convinced we’ll be the 2035 Stanley Cup champs. I’m excited for the debut after what Lapierre pulled off in his. The hype is real around these two, especially McMichael, so show me something beautiful tonight.

First Period

I’ll go on record here and say the Caps put on an absolute clinic this period. Just non-stop on the attack. Hell the 4th line gets the game going with a hard first shift and it’s all pressure from there. We also see some more fancy TJ nonsense.

Ben’s buddy Kuz get’s the scoring started about seven minuets in here and let me tell ya, the stretch pass from Carlson here is just simply unbelievable. I love this Caps breakout here, it’s a stretch and run. There’s a turnover and the wingers and Kuzy immediately head up and rush up ice and it catches the Av’s flatfooted in the neutral zone. Carlson throws a tape to tape bullet up the ice to Kuzy, in stride, skates right past the three flat footed Avs defenders and the bird man is on the board.

Kuzy give…. Kuzy take… that’s Caps hockey baby. Just a bad zone entry here, it’s so forced it’s bad. Caps have three across the red line when Kuz imitates the pass, two in front, and we jam it to the right side.. why? Wrap and chase man. I hate this whole style of handcuffing your wingers on the blue line in a zone entry when the D is probably gonna be aggressive and jump the route assuming F1 curls on the backcheck to cover if the puck get’s by. Regardless, here we are in a 1-1 game.

Stop me if you heard this before: Nick Jensen is an elite goal scorer. Jokes on you cause you haven’t, he’s just had two of his cleanest goals, sorry one, since the first didn’t count, of his career in the first three games this season. Jenny literally lets his nuts hang here, LOOKS OFF OVECHKIN, and rips it short side, just an unbelievable bit of confidence and release on him to give the good guys a 2-1 lead.

Second Period

I mean, two goals on seven shots isn’t necessarily ideal. I don’t understand the puck watching here. Starts behind the net, Av’s work it around to the half wall, get a simple cycle going and boom Helm sneaks back slot unnoticed and has an empty net basically to tie the game at 2.

Jokes on the Avs. The ANTMAN get’s on the board with a little skate to stick action for the 100th of his career and first of the season.

And then next thing ya know, Kuzy GIVES as the Birdman gets his second of the night to give the Caps a two goal lead. This is like, the ideal Kuzy goal in my opinion. Starts with a possessive shift, Wilson slides to the point to cover D and bumps a pass to Kuzy who turns to the boards, skates in and far side rips it baby.

Third Period

I just love a 4th line grind goal. I mean, who tf doesn’t? Dowder get’s this one and i’ll leave ya with it (as literally any more Caps goals this game don’t matter as we’ve already hit the over) unless Ovi scores obviously cause F Gretz. I ended up taking the Caps at +116 when it was tied at 2 and look at me now, just happy and rich. What way to end the three game homestand for the good guys. Also, I loved the way Sammy settled into this game after a shakey start. And there it is.. OVI ENG. Goodnight

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