It has been a long and confusing process for hockey fans intertwined with the mess going on behind the scenes of the Chicago Blackhawks, but today there is at least some light shone upon the Bradley Aldrich scandal.

Blackhawks owner, Rocky Wirtz, and CEO, Danny Wirtz, announced that team GM, Stan Bowman, and Senior VP of Hockey Operations, Al MacIsaac, are out in Chicago after an independent investigation was conducted into the sexual assault of two former players and an intern for the Blackhawks by former video coach, Brad Alrich.

Additional information was revealed to the public, including that both Winnipeg Jets GM, Kevin Cheveldayoff, and Florida Panthers Head Coach, Joel Quenneville, knew about the incident despite both men denying that they had any knowledge of the incident at the time it took place. It remains to be seen what will happen with these two men, but it is clear that people demand that they answer for their role in the scandal.

Additionally, all executives who were involved with the team during/since 2010 have been removed from the organization as well. Kyle Davidson has been named interim GM of the Blackhawks.

After the press conference, the Chicago Blackhawks made the findings of the investigation public and apologized to those who Aldrich abused, referring to the initial victim as “John Doe.” Danny Wirtz claimed that “John Doe deserved better from the Blackhawks.”

They also released a letter discussing the results of the investigation, which can be read here:

Stan Bowman also released a statement:

A lot of hockey fans are breathing a sigh of relief that the right action was (finally) taken in the matter, but there is still a lot to unfold with this story (especially with Cheveldayoff and Quenneville).

Not to mention the fact that, within the report, it is revealed that the Blackhawks continued to pay Aldrich, give him a playoff bonus, give him a Stanley Cup bonus, put his name on the Cup, and give him a day with the Cup after knowing about the incident.

Those interested in reading the full report can do so here (WARNING: Contains disturbing details).

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