The holiday season is finally upon us. For most people, that means it’s time to scour Amazon and various other websites looking for deals on the perfect gift to get for your significant other. Maybe it’s a piece of jewelery, or a new TV to watch movies and shows on. That’s all fine and dandy, but what if your significant other is a Washington Capitals fan? Well, first of all, you’re with a person who has good judgment — good for you. Secondly, you can’t just get them any piece of merchandise with the Capitals’ logo on it. You’ve gotta spice it up and get them something even they wouldn’t expect. That’ll say a lot considering Washington fans have come to expect absolutely anything after watching this team.

Not to mention, there is some absolutely brutal merchandise that the NHL slaps team logos on that you do not want your S.O. to have to use or wear in public. For example…

Do NOT buy these for any Caps fan you actually care about in your life.

Let’s move on to the things you should consider buying…

Chirpin’ DMV Merch

I will use the first slot to shamelessly plug our merch. Don’t click off, I will have other non-Chirpin’ DMV options below, but we do have some pretty cool merchandise that a plugged-in Capitals fan would love.

Including our most recent drop, the KUZY REVENGE TOUR band t-shirt (shameless plugs include picture and a trailer!)

We also have the GOATVECHKIN t-shirt for the Ovi lovers (A.K.A. Every single Caps fan).

Or the Chirpin’ DMV Winter Classic Long Sleeve for those coooooold winter days ahead.

All of these can be purchased by clicking the link right here.

Alright, enough plugging. Into the other gifts!

Tickets to a Capitals Game

This one may seem obvious to some, but it is also intimidating to lots of people. When you think of going to an NHL game and getting somewhat decent seats, the shadow of your credit-card bill looms large over the idea. However, it is possible to go to a Capitals’ game and sit in a decent location for a price that won’t necessarily break the bank if you’re willing to be flexible and creative about which game you go to.

Here are a few cheaper Washington Capitals’ game I found on TicketMaster:

Washington Capitals vs. Winnipeg Jets – Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 – Capital One Arena

This game is on a Tuesday, so, naturally, the prices are a little lower. This game is ideal for locals who can get to Capital One Arena and home at a decent time to be up for work the next morning after a huge Capitals win (ya heard it here first).

The prices for this game are VERY fair.

These seats, which are just eight rows from the glass, are $100USD + fees. If you don’t mind sitting back a little further, the dark red circles to the very left of the price box are only $95USD + fees.

This is the view from two rows behind the $100USD seats I just mentioned. Very good seats for the price, and you’d get to see some talented players like Mark Scheifele, Blake Wheeler, Kyle Connor, and Nikolaj Ehlers. Not to mention, Brenden Dillon would be back at Capital One Arena, which is just too emotional for me to write about so let’s just move on to the next game…

Washington Capitals vs. Los Angeles Kings – Sunday, Dec. 19th, 2021 – Capital One Arena.

This game takes place on December 19th, 2021 at Capital One Arena. So, yes, this would have to be an early Christmas present. The game is on a Sunday, which is convenient for everybody, however, that does mean the prices may be higher than they would be if they were playing the Kings on a weeknight.

However, there are still some good deals to be found.

The best deal I could find were these two lower-bowl seats, which are $122USD + fees. Again, still a little pricey, but to sit lower bowl at Capital One and this close to the action, this is a pretty fair price.

This is the view from the seats I just showed, however, there are many around the lower bowl and just a little above the lower bowl for similar prices. These two, however, are the best available for the lowest price. If you aren’t from the area, or just want to enjoy a weekend game relatively close to the holiday season, this game isn’t too expensive if you don’t feel like breaking the bank.

Washington Capitals vs. San Jose Sharks – Wednesday, Jan. 26th, 2022 – Capital One Arena

This game is very similar to the Winnipeg game, as it takes place on a weekday. However, this means that there are good seats for cheap prices at a game that isn’t too long after Christmas.

These two seats in particular are only $93USD + fees for seats very close to behind the net. The dark red circles three rows behind these seats are only $98USD + fees and have more seats in the group, in case you want to bring more than just one person with you.

Here’s the view from the seats I mentioned. Again, these are pretty stellar seats for less than a hundred bones. You may not get to see the same talent as you would against Winnipeg, but you still get to see Ovi and the crew for a very fair price at home.

There are also cheap road games for fans who aren’t as close to D.C. as others, or for locals who want to road trip to a game. For example:

  • Washington Capitals at Columbus Blue Jackets – Thursday, March 17th, 2022
    • Two seats, three rows from the glass = $74USD + fees
  • Washington Capitals at Buffalo Sabres – Friday, March 25th, 2022
    • Four seats, eight rows from the glass = $92USD + fees

It feels amazing being back in arenas again, so make sure your diehard Capitals fan gets in there this season to cheer them on.

Etsy Capitals Merch

When it comes to purchasing Washington Capitals’ merch, most people turn to the official NHL and Fanatics shops. This makes total sense, however, if your branch outside the official shops, you can find some amazing gems made by creative individuals. Not to mention, as I stated earlier, the official shops can house some absolutely garbage merchandise.

The best place to go for unique, fan-designed Caps gear (aside from the Chirpin’ DMV shop) is Etsy. Etsy carries products from thousands of independent artists to satisfy all sorts of niches and genres, including the Washington Capitals.

Just going on Etsy and typing in “Washington Capitals” can greet you with pieces of artwork to bless your home or office such as…

This wall art includes some insane woodworking that fits in any Capitals’ fan’s man cave or sports den:

And if you don’t have enough space on your walls, you can always go for accessories that you’ll use every day, like this unreal mug:

Have enough mugs? Same here. But something you can never have enough of is solid Capitals clothing options. Here are a couple from Etsy that any stylish Caps fan could enjoy:

(Considering Ovi could break Gretzky’s goal record in 2024 on a Nick Backstrom assist, this shirt actually may be a phenomenal purchase)

Like I said, there is some amazing and unique Caps gear here that is sure to make your fan happier than some of the boring stuff available from the official stores.

Also check out Redbubble’s Capitals’ merch for some more artist creating even more unique designs revolving around the Capitals.

Here’s a couple of my favourites:

If you were thinking of getting them a hat, well the official store is really the only place to go for that. If you want my two hat recommendations, well they would have to belong to…

Link to purchase

The Caps just dropped some new merch featuring their alternate logo, which I absolutely love, and this toque (that’s what we call them in Canada, I apologize) is a great addition to the winter hat lineup.

Additionally, this hat…

is a really clean and simple lid that your Caps fan can wear on a near-daily basis without it screaming at others like some of the other hats in the shop. It is subdued and classic. A solid hat indeed.

I know everybody wants a jersey for Christmas as well, myself included, I just have a hard time advocating for buying a legit Adidas Washington Capitals jersey for $197USD+ when there are cheaper options out there that I will not mention due to legal reasons. Unless you have a big budget, it’s hard to cough up that kinda dough for something you can get for a lot cheaper.

Anyway, I think that’s it for this 2021 Washington Capitals’ Fan Gift Guide. I know it may not have been as creative or as long as you had expected, but I just wanted to give you some different options than the ones I know all Capitals’ gift guides will include. So, I hope you either enjoyed one or many of the great items I listed, or that it inspired you to search in outside-the-box areas to find more unique gifts for your Caps-loving lover.

We at Chirpin’ DMV wish everybody happy holidays to you, your family and your loved ones, and hope we’re able to brighten up the holidays around your house with our Capitals coverage.

Cheers 🍻

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