Adult Hockey

Welcome to the Chirpin’ DMV locker room, where we welcome you to join us as we begin to build the biggest and best adult hockey organization in the DMV, and fuck it, let’s just say the world! We welcome all adult hockey eligible players to check us out, fill out some forms, and join our team. Whether it’s a part of the tournament series teams or an adult hockey team playing at the rink near you. Who knows maybe one day we’ll grow this thing into hosting our own epic tournament every year in the area. Maybe even create an adult super league played out of every rink where you travel for roads games, and host home games… since it is kinda nice getting out of the same locker room every week. Most importantly, the goal is to create an organization of players who love to play hockey, love being around their teams, and obviously love to drink beers before, during, and after the games. The biggest rule? Don’t be an asshole. Yes, we all love to chirp, and talk a lil shit in the heat of the moment, but we WON’T tolerate insane, hardo losers who enjoy getting kicked out of games and fighting or intentionally injuring players on opposite teams. We’re here for the fun, booze, and comradery… well, and also to collect championship trophies, shirts, medals, and whatever other prize the tournament or league is giving out to the top team.

Adult Hockey Teams

Our adult hockey teams section is where players will come to find info and join or create a team playing in a local DMV adult hockey league. Laurel, Piney, MedStar… AA, B, Lower C, 65+, Women’s, whatever and where ever you wanna play, we’re here to give you that option, at every rink possible in the DMV. By becoming a Chirpin’ team, you don’t have to worry about any of the headaches that come along with adult league. Simply name a captain, and we’ll be in touch with them for coordination of everything. We’ll handle all the registrations, jersey orders, etc. You just kick back, lace em up, chug a few beers, maybe throw out some chirps, and rep the brand on your way to an adult league championship.

Free Agents

If you’re a free agent, or individual player looking to join a team, please fill out the form below. Just pop in the rink and division you want to play in, and we’ll find the best match for you to join an already established Chirpin’ team.

Full Team

Are you already a captain of an adult league team and want to re-brand as a Chirpin’ team? Do you want to create a team with some of your friends as a Chirpin’ team? Simply fill out the form below and fill out your ideal rink to play out of, level of play, and choose between the jersey options for your team. Once you name a captain, we’ll be in touch with them for coordination and contact info for the entire team so we can begin the registration and jersey ordering process. All jerseys are sublimation and ordered from Engine Athletics with custom name and number. Teams have the choice to order just jerseys ($50) or the jersey and matching sock combo ($70) with choice of either knit or mesh flex socks. Each jersey order includes koozies for the squad, to make sure the beers are ice cold all season.

Tournament Series

Every year, we’ll be registering for tournaments both local and throughout the country. We’ll own a set of dark and light jerseys, since most tournaments require both, that will be distributed to the set roster for each tournament. We’ll be competing in every tournament in the DMV region, and also planning to take two, possibly three travel tournaments a year in cities such as Nashville, Pittsburgh, Austin, Atlantic City, Ft. Lauderdale, and many more, that will rotate year by year for a new experience. We’ll be competing through officially sanctioned tournaments through CAN/AM, Weekend Hockey Tournaments, The Tournament Company (BLPA), and USA Hockey tournaments / U.S. nationals. If interested, just fill out the link above with your information, including skill level, age, and preference of travel tournaments, or only local DMV competitions. We’ll look to compete with 3 full lines of forwards and defense, with one goalie for each tournament. If interest is high and we’re able, we’ll put together two teams (upper and lower) for that tournament.