About Us

Co-Creator, Podcast Host, Post Game Show Host, Audio and Video Editor, Blogger. Calvert Cobra legend and former PR guy for WVU Sports, the UFC, and Washington Football Team.

Head Producer and Audio Engineer, Tech Guy, and knower of all things that we don’t. Double deuces for the haters.

Co-Creator, Caps Podcast Co-Host, Post Game Show Co-Host, Blogger. Master of the men’s league 10 second shift and Cobras leading goal scorer.

Local Hockey Podcast Co-Host. Former low level junior player, high level locker room guy. Peaked in 2013 making a background appearance in People Magazine and The Hockey News.  Working in finance, talking hockey, and hanging w/ my 2 year old Golden Retriever, Herb Brooks (Herbie).

Blogger, Podcast Guest, Post Game Show Co-Host, Analytics Guy. I use numbers to complain about the Caps. My “Hot Takes/60” is #1 in the league right now.

Blogger, Video Editor and Creator. I’m Dani (DJ) and I’m 22 pursuing my Communications and Media BA in Boca Raton, FL. You can find me either watching hockey or eating shit on my longboard.

Blogger, Video Editor and Creator. The only usable photo I have of myself. It’s me, being the man, loving beer. Please don’t look up to me, i’m just like the rest of you. I’m just REALLY sick and do drink beer.

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