Welcome to the Chipin’ DMV pro shop. You’re gonna wanna click the link right below!

That link snaps ya over to our team shop where you can browse between a rotating lineup of swag. Shirts, hoodies, tanks, jerseys, stickers, coffee mugs, you name it and we’ve slapped a Chirpin’ logo on it. Designed by the members of Chirpin’ DMV, because like, who else would you trust to slang some fire merch? We love the support all of you show us and each purchase benefits the Chirpin’ liney who designed your chosen swag and also goes towards us being able to make better and better content for you fuckn’ awesome followers/listeners/players/fans but most of all, friends of the brand. Thanks for your love and support, and every purchase comes with a certified guarantee that you’ll be grindin’/buzzin/wheelin/slick mitt’n and tuckin’ top shelf everytime you rock that Chirpin’ logo.